23 Frida Kahlo-Inspired Looks To Steal This Halloween

Let your Frida flag fly! 🙋

It's hard to blame people for wanting to imitate Frida Kahlo's distinct look. 

Arguably one of the most celebrated artists of all time, Kahlo’s personal style and aesthetics were as iconic and bold as her canvases. So it’s really no wonder why, more than 60 years after her passing, she continues to be an inspiration for many people’s #stylegoals -- especially around Halloween.

The secret to channeling Kahlo on Halloween (or ever) is to incorporate the famous accents, accessories and hairstyles often worn by the beautiful artist in photos and self-portraits, while still making the look your own. Need a little inspiration? Take a look at how these 23 people interpreted her look, and get ready to let your Frida flag fly!

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