23 Phases Of Going To Dinner With Friends

Everyone loves going out to dinner with their favorite group of friends. It's choosing the restaurant, figuring out what we're going to order, and the inevitable food coma we hate.

Here are the 23 phases of going to dinner with friends!

1. Time to pick a restaurant!

2. No one can decide on a place.

3. "Let's just walk around and go in the first place that looks good!"

4. Okay, this isn't working. There's either a wait or it sucks and you're getting hungrier and angrier.

5. You're all so hangry you don't care anymore.

6. Someone Yelps. You go to the closest place no matter what the reviews say.

7. You get there. There's probably a wait. Getting hangrier and hangrier.

8. FINALLY seated! Wait, OMG. This menu.


10. You can't choose between one of like, five entrees.

11. You ask the waiter their opinion. They tell you and it's the one you didn't really want.

12. You order the waiter's suggestion anyway.

13. After what seems like an eternity...


15. You're all finished and ready to go! UGH, someone wants dessert.

16. Okay fine, you all do.

17. This.

18. P.S. You're probably a few glasses of wine in.

19. The check.

20. You try and split the check and shamefully have way too much trouble figuring it out.

21. You tip. Wait, double the tax, right? ...Right?

22. "I'm so going to yelp about this."


See you next week!