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23 Reasons You Should Go Hug Your Mom

For the fact that no matter what job she had in life, you were the most difficult, and still the most important.
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Not everyone has been blessed with the mom the of the century, but if you have, you definitely know it. And when it comes to the people in the world most deserving of hugs, moms always come in first place.

  1. For being your number one fan in every various activity you decided to try as a kid.

  • And for cheering like you were scoring goals in the World Cup and not the local YMCA soccer league.
  • Basically, hug your mom because we all spend so much time in life trying to win the affection of others, and our moms always treated us like a superstar from the start.
  • For the times you forgot to call and she always remembered.
  • For each and every time she had to take you to the grocery store as a child, because god knows that was a dangerous and expensive endeavor. Hug your mom because you have been a total pain to her.
  • For the fact that no matter what job she had in life, you were the most difficult, and still the most important.
  • For every time you left behind your book bag or lunch box. Or every time you randomly started crying and she had to come get you. Basically, hug your mom because she always rescued you.
  • For the angsty teenage years where your mom had to patiently endure statements about how much you couldn't wait to be an adult and make your own decisions.
  • For every family tradition that your mom works so tirelessly to continue.
  • For every time you acted like she was embarrassing you and she had to hide how much that probably hurt her feelings.
  • For handling the responsibility of being the ultimate female role model for both a son and a daughter in different ways.
  • For always being herself. Mom's have an affinity for saying what they think and sticking to who they are, and that lesson she taught you is definitely worth a hug.
  • For being your number one advocate. When it felt like everyone else was against you, your mom was always on your side. You know that if you would have asked, she'd call any teacher or coach to stand up for you.
  • For pushing you when you wanted to quit. For helping you to be your very best.
  • For giving you that comfort knowing that if you were to fall flat on your face in life, you would never be alone. Moms are always there to remind us of the everlasting presence of family in this ever-changing world.
  • For never losing faith in you, no matter what mistakes you may have made.
  • For being the one that has actually paid the most attention to all of the random details of your life because she takes in pride in those details that others barely notice.
  • For every game, craft, trip and moment that she carefully planned and pulled together simply for the reward of seeing you so happy.
  • For the unbelievable amount of fundraising, parent meetings and different ridiculous crap that all parents are expected to do and your mom somehow found a way to manage.
  • For supporting your decisions and dreams no matter where they took you.
  • For every sacrifice she made from her own life to focus on yours.
  • For every event that you tried to resist photos, because your mom is probably the only person in your life who will take more photos of you than TMZ does celebrities. She wanted to capture every prom, little league game, and academic awards ceremony because to her you are the biggest celebrity.
  • For being the true definition of a best friend. A best friend is someone who challenges you, supports you, gives you confidence, and genuinely loves you for the person you really are. So go, hug your best friend. Hug your mom.