23 Women Show Us What Their Favorite Positions Are

When reality television star and fashion blogger Lauren Conrad was asked what her "favorite position" was on a live radio program a while back, the women listening held their breath. Although we take great pride in the work that we do, most of us could relate to being undermined and belittled publicly at work. When Conrad cleverly retorted "CEO," it was hard not to aggressively high-five our laptop and mobile devices. The words "hell" and "yeah" could be heard all across the nation.

You don't need to famous (or work for former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney) to put up with sexually charged work environments. Whether it's the Iowa dental assistant who was fired because her boss found her too "attractive" and felt like she was "threat to his marriage" (which the Iowa Supreme Court agreed was totally legal) or a Citibank employee who was fired for being "too distracting" for her male colleagues, there's no shortage of cases of women being treated differently because they are women.

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