"23/6": Our New Comedy Site is Live!

I'm excited to report that 23/6, the satiric news and opinion site HuffPost has been developing with IAC/InterActiveCorp, is now live. Check it out.
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Has the writers' strike left a comedy void in your life? Are you longing for Letterman? Jonesing for Jon Stewart? Craving new Colbert?

If so, I'm excited to report that 23/6 is now live. 23/6 (www.236.com) is the satiric news and opinion site HuffPost has been developing with IAC/InterActiveCorp. The idea is that you come to the Huffington Post to see what's happening in the world, then go to 23/6 to see the news turned inside out.

23/6 takes on everything in the news -- from politics to pop culture -- and delivers it as it happens.

Right now, 23/6 is featuring sharp takes on the Mukasey confirmation; the pre-endorsement IM exchange between Rudy Giuliani and Pat Robertson, a flow chart revealing JLo's thought process as she decided whether to announce her pregnancy, a look at what it would be like if Perez Hilton covered the flooding in Mexico, an entry in 23/6's ongoing feature Dikipedia (it looks just like Wikipedia, but it's about the world's biggest dicks; today's entry is on Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, clearly the Dick of the Day), comedic videos, and 23/6's group blog, which we're calling "The Room."

The Room features fast and funny contributions from a collection of over 300 comedy writers and performers -- both well-known and soon-to-be-discovered. Among those weighing in today are Don Steinberg, who offers up his "Monolog-o-tron" - an interactive writers' strike survival tool that allows you to generate your own talk show monologue through pull-down menus; Greg Fitzsimmons' observations from the picket lines ("There haven't been this many rich Jews doing laps since the Friars Club closed their swimming pool") and Monica Johnson's look at Mickey Rourke's latest run in with the law -- drunk on a Vespa scooter.

And it comes to you from an amazing team of writers and editors, led by Jason Reich, who came to us after six years as a writer at The Daily Show. Congratulations and gratitude on our launch day to the rest of the team. To introduce them to you, here's the 23/6 masthead:

Corporate Overlords
Publisher: Arianna Huffington
President: Sarah Bernard
IAC Head of Interactive Programming: Michael Jackson

Creative Types/Narcissists/Enablers
Editor: Jason Reich
Executive Consultant: Roy Sekoff
Director of Video Content: Brian Spinks
Designer: George Mountis
Contributing Editors: David Bourgeois, Gabriel Delahaye, Laurie Kilmartin, Stephen Sherrill, Colleen Werthmann
Associate Editors: Dan Hoffheins, Alex Leo, James Stuntz
Contributors: Mark Bemesderfer, Jonathan Bines, Jake Dickerman, Ned Goldreyer, Geoff Kirsch, Ryan Levin, Tim Saccardo, Paul Slansky, Teddy Wayne
Supervising Producer: Holly Schlesinger
Video Contributors: Jon Benjamin, Jeff Buchanan, Bill Buckendorf, Jon Daly, Brett Gelman, Dave Hill, Todd Levin, Eugene Mirman, John Mulaney, John Roberts, Scott Sherman
Editorial Assistant: Kevin Allocca
Associate Video Editor: Ricky Camilleri

Products/Technology/Computer Stuff
Chief Technical Officer: Paul Berry
Programmers/Backend Developers: David Brunton, Andi Trinculescu
Product/Community Manager: Jeffrey Kurtz

Finance/Operations/Money Stuff
Controller: Chris Davis
Office Manager: Tyler Pontier

Media Relations/Fabulosity
Vice President: Mario Ruiz

Special Thanks:
Ryan Brown
Stacey Bunch
Janee Chung
Johnson Garrett
Ramin Hedayati
Chris Kelly
Billy Kimball
Mo Koyfman
Ken Lerer
Number 17
Movable Type
Jonah Peretti
Ana Rosansky
James Smith
Colin Sterling
Josh Sussman
Bill Wasik
Ben Wikler
Andy Yaco-Mink

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