This 24 Carrot Gold Cake Is What To Make Your Most High-Maintenance Friend

Let them eat gold cake.

"Put your money where your mouth is."

That's exactly what Paige Russell did when she created the "most expensive cake in the world," called the 24 Carrot Cake (get it?). The decadent gold treat looks like it belongs in a bank.

Luckily, this cake isn't just for the rich and famous, as Russell released a step-by-step video and recipe guide on the Instructables. Though it may look (and sound) expensive, the carrot cake gets its name from the 24 baby carrots included in the recipe.

Russell joked that the cake is "a food friend for the new gold MacBook Pro." It also looks like it would be the perfect Easter cake for the bougie family on the block, who probably already have this $49,000 chocolate Easter bunny as their table centerpiece.

Head over to Instructables to get the full recipe for the 24 Carrot Cake.

To check out desserts that are actually made of real gold, see the slideshow below:

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