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24 Hours in Prague, Czech Republic

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We arrived in Prague after a night train from Krakow and to our delight - it was snowing! We had gotten a glimpse of snow in Scotland while we were hiking but hadn't seen it stick or got to enjoy it really. As soon as we got off the train and started walking towards our hostel it was coming down! It started to stick and I think we all got super excited. Prague covered in a blanket of snow is absolutely gorgeous. I think it brings out its' charm and character.


*Something to note also, we didn't really use the metro or trams that run throughout Prague very often. We mostly walked everywhere and just took in the scenery. One day, however, we did take the tram but we just hopped on. There isn't an EXACT place to buy tickets so if you just need a short ride from one place to the next - I suggest doing what we did as well.*


1. Old Town Square

The picture above is the Old Town Square in Prague and it was, again, absolutely gorgeous with a blanket of snow on the rooftops. I couldn't imagine a more picturesque version of Prague. Where this picture was taken is inside the city hall building that is home to the Astronomical clock . For some reason, I didn't get a picture of the clock - not sure what happened there - but I highly suggest you go into this building for the views. You get to walk around the top of the entire building so you'll see Charles Bridge and the Castle that sits on top of the hill - everything.


The entrance fee is around 70 kc (that's about $3) for students and 100 kc ($4) for general adults. I could have, honestly, stayed up there all day. Just bring me a cup of coffee and a good book and I'll just stare at those views. So do yourself a favor when you are in Prague and head to the top of city hall!


2. Trdelnik (Pastry)

Trdelnik is a pastry that is extremely popular among the streets of Prague. It's basically ALL sugar but it's actually pretty great. You can get them in a variety of different ways and for some reason I decided to get MORE sugar and add Nutella to the mix. I couldn't finish the whole thing because my teeth are super sensitive - but definitely, when in Prague, try a Trdelnik. There's no particular place to look for them because they are all over the streets and in most bakeries! Cost will vary depending on where you go but I paid around 40-50 kc (depending on your toppings) which is around $1.


3. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is the main bridge that connects old town to new town (there are other bridges but this is the most famous). It has a grand entryway and it's full of artists selling their work and live musicians. It's really quite lovely and a great bridge to walk over.


4. John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon wall is located right across the Charles Bridge when you are heading to the castle. If you make the first immediate left and use Google Maps - it will take you directly there. It's colorful and cheerful so I definitely recommend visiting it. The best place to take your picture is in between his eyes! It's clearly the "go-to" tourist spot because I had about 20 people waiting to take their picture after me! Admission: Free! So just wonder on over and enjoy a little piece of history.

5. €9 Thai Massage (yes, €9)

Prague was the halfway point for us on our ten day trip - so naturally our feet and back were hurting from backpacking. We started the trip on a 7-8 mile hike in the Highlands of Scotland and then moved to Krakow to see Auschwitz. By the time we got to Prague, we were my flatmate knew that Prague had really cheap thai massages and we took the day off one day and decided to leisurely explore and get a thai massage. It was the best thing I've ever done. It was literally only €9 and I felt like a new person afterwards. Like I could carry that backpack for 5 more countries if I wanted to. There are several places to chose from and most of them are still only €9 depending on what you are wanting done. We just got our backs done with clothes on and it was around 250 kc. I highly recommend doing this in Prague because firstly, it's an experience like no other and secondly, it will help your body rejuvenate for however long of a trip you are continuing to have.


6. View from the Castle

We visited the castle after we had our thai massage and once you are up at the top it has some of the best views. There is also a Starbucks at the top if you are tired and in need of a refreshment or the toilets. I always like to scare my mom by sending her pictures of my on ledges in every country I travel to (sorry mom). So, as you can see below, I took full opportunity to sit on the edge and get a snap of Me + Prague in the background. She definitely freaks out every time but we saw several people doing it so I would recommend it again and again. Great shot & perfect backdrop!

Also, we didn't go into the castle but we went into the church that's located behind it and it's gorgeous. It was free but here is more information about entrance to the castle and what that includes.

After my trip to Prague, I didn't want to leave. I knew Switzerland was next and I was excited for that - but Prague has this history and charm about it that makes you want to stay. If I could go back, I would spend about 3-4 days there doing all the things we weren't able to do due to our time constraint.

Also, if you are in Prague and need a place to stay - I highly recommend Sophie's Hostel. It was actually really amazing and the bathrooms were unreal. I think it was the best shower we had the entire trip! Every morning there is a breakfast bar or cooked breakfast for you - whatever you prefer - it was around 100-200 kc and it was delicious. They also have fun events each night and a walking tour each morning at 10am if you are interested in that!


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