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24 Not So Overrated Concepts at 24

After just having that "mid twenties birthday" I've decided to compose a list of 24 things that are usually considered "overrated" in our twenties and why these things shouldn't be considered as such.
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After just having that "mid twenties birthday" I've decided to compose a list of 24 things that are usually considered "overrated" in our twenties and why these things shouldn't be considered as such.

1. The Doctor: We get it. You're broke and at a job with no health insurance. However, getting blood work done in your twenties is crucial: What if something were to come up that could be problematic later? You can easily stop any health issue before it actually begins!
2. The Dentist: Sure the dentist is expensive, but getting cavities are way worse. AND painful.
3. Your retainer: In relation to number 2, please remember that your parents paid nearly as much as you make in a year on your braces. You surrendered your social life and any date prospects between ages 13 and 16. So, why can't you sleep with a retainer again?
4. Remembering Friends' Birthdays: What ever happened to calling a friend on his birthday? What ever happened to REMEMBERING your friend's birthday? If facebook ever crashed, no one would ever feel loved on his or her birthday. Start remembering on your own and send an old fashioned card rather than that facebook message.
5. The Optometrist: If you can't read street signs while you're driving, you may not have 20/20 anymore.
6. Walking Places: Is it really necessary to get back into your car if you are going to a store at the other side of the strip mall?
7. Having a pet: Sure they're expensive and a lot of work, but they're cheaper than a therapist!
8. Staying In: You get up at 7am for work. It's OKAY to skip going to bars on a Friday night and stay home with pizza and books.
9. De-cluttering: Chances are, you no longer need those text books or bikini that you kept to remember spring break. De clutter your house and you'll de clutter your mind.
10. Grammar: You have been through at least 12 years of school. PLEASE don't send me a text that says "C u soon."
11. The Gym: I hate to break it to you, but our metabolisms are slowing down. You're probably already insecure that you can no longer fit your senior year prom dress. There's no need to be high school skinny, but consider getting your heart rate up.
12. Going to Church, The Synagogue, Etc: Whatever you believe is great! It's hard to make friends as you get older, so consider joining groups to form a community. Having a sense of community typically leads to friendship. And, friendship is the greatest reward.
13. Saving Money: The world is kind of scary. If you're clueless about retirement or paying for your non-existent kid's education, meet with a financial advisor.
14. Sleep: This is the Huffington Post. Seeing this on the list should NOT be a surprise.
15. Being Single: You literally have no obligations. Go find your dream and then live it!
16. Being in a relationship: If you find someone who has your same dreams and who will live them with you, than why stay single "just because you're in your 20s"?
17. Cooking: Aren't you bored of ramen? Cooking leads to making friends, keeping friends, and keeping good health!
18. Flossing: Gum disease is real: and after age 25 you're the next target.
19. Chess: Remember board games? They happened before the internet. And they actually improved your IQ rather than those Youtube videos you've been binge watching.
20. Drinking enough water: If you like feeling dehydrated and gaining weight, I guess this really is overrated.
21. Maintaining your Credit: Please don't spend more than you make. This should be common sense, BUT unfortunately isn't seen as such.
22. Spending Time with your Family: Seeing your parents probably equates with "unnecessary criticism" or "pure frustration", but they won't always be here. Don't take them for granted.
23. Random Acts of Kindness: Once upon a time, I went to buy a chocolate milk in a hospital cafeteria when my mother almost died in surgery. This was easily the worst day of my life. The cashier paid for my chocolate milk without knowing a thing about me. And, I never forgot her. You don't know what someone's day looks like. Take the chance to pay it forward.
24. Going after your Dreams: The worst you can do is fail. And in the grand scheme of things, that isn't so scary.