24 Questions Black People Need White People To Answer, Like Right Now

BuzzFeed's new video totally nails it.

"Do y'all really think Miley is the one who created twerking? Really?"

This is just one of "24 Questions Black People Have For White People," according to a new video released by Buzzfeed.

Five black people pose questions that open dialogue around white privilege, appropriation and more. Some other necessary questions they ask are: "Why is it that white crime is seen as an isolated incident but black crime is a representation of my entire community," or "Why do you want to say the N-word so badly" and "Why is it that white people always act as though they've discovered a new trend when people of color have been doing it for virtually years?"

White people often appropriate black culture without giving us credit -- from slang words we created to the hairstyles we rock -- and we want to know why!

See the rest of the questions in the video above.

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