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The festive season is upon us, and you will soon be bombarded (if you haven’t been already) with “Super Snowy Christmas Savings”. You may also have suggestions fill up in your feed of the latest tech gadget that your child or significant other simply has to have, urging you to part with your hard-earned money that you saved throughout 2016. You might also remember gifts you received last year, and maybe you feel some ridiculous pressure to impress that certain someone this time round?

Well, we have come up with a fool-proof solution for being the most popular person on Christmas morning. It’s simple really...

Create a unique piece of art for a loved one (or even a not-so-loved one that you’re required to gift, because “’tis the season to be giving”).

We might have lost you at this point already – you might be thinking, “I can’t even butter my toast in a way that looks appetising.” Well, this is where our carefully-curated Instagram artists step in. The list below has the most talented creative souls on the ‘gram, (or at least 25 of them), so they should get your crafty self beaming with urges to create.

Why should you get your creative juices flowing, this festive season?

1) It’s never too late to learn something new, and we must say, a customised piece of art will always trump another boring pair of socks.

2) Even if you don’t think you can make something awesome out of nothing, many of these artists give tutorials on how to easily put together a visually-appealing piece of art, so that should propel you in the right direction.

3) Creating your own gifts is as cheap as street-side chips. You might just need to buy some tools, but that investment will cost a fraction of what you would pay for the usual fancy gift(s).

4) If you have kids, get them to help create too, or get anyone to help. Get your friends to bring some wine over and jam art, all night long.

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Now get ready to be inspired.

@weekdaybest - amazing portraits of man’s best friend.

@alissecourter - colourful hand lettering.

@thiago_bianchini - creative use of space and ink.

@jj_illus - striking watercolour inspiration.

@riseandwander - incredible print making.

@lucaslevitan - creating humour through illustration.

Sometimes love hurts.

A photo posted by Lucas Levitan (@lucaslevitan) on

@iraville - beautiful illustrations of nature.

@samlarson - all the outdoor art inspiration you need.

@liliarnoldstudios - stunning flora-inspired prints.

@zuza_misko - cute and striking illustrations.

@alexander.vidal - the animal kingdom designed and illustrated.

Squid. #illustration #icondesign #design #squid

A photo posted by Alexander Vidal (@alexander.vidal) on

@furrylittlepeach - who knew ink could look this cool.

Creating inky textures for commercial projects this afternoon 🌞✨

A video posted by Sha'an d'Anthes (@furrylittlepeach) on

@kerbyrosanes - also known as Sketchy Stories, his attention to detail is unmatched.

Taming the stars ✨🌖✨

A photo posted by K E R B Y R O S A N E S (@kerbyrosanes) on

@spielkkind - a multi-media art experience.

water 💦 melon 🍉 (because the best things happen unexpectedly.) #and_draw_something

A photo posted by kerstin hiestermann (@spielkkind) on

@juliaockert - each drop is perfection.

For Varsita 😇💖💛💜

A video posted by Julia Ockert (@juliaockert) on

@skillshare - simple tutorials on creative art.

*We know @skillshare is not an artist, but they do feature inspiring artists from all over the world.

@elspethmclean - a burst of colour.

Starting this new week like this. I wish everyone a peaceful week 💖

A video posted by Elspeth McLean (@elspethmclean) on

@inkprintrepeat - fantastic printmaking (and we really love their handle).

Happy Monday friends! Looks like a beautiful day to ride my bicycle!

A photo posted by Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) on

@darkgravity - taking paper craft to a new level.

And #loveislove is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside. - Lin Manuel Miranda

A video posted by Patrick Cabral (@darkgravity) on

@riverluna.art - nature and art rolled into one.

@mirdinara - a unique style that will inspire you.

Working on this bizarre quartette band. It's hard for me to stop adding details 🙈

A video posted by Dinara Mirtalipova (@mirdinara) on

@junedigann - witty and clever illustrations.

@mdemilan - wild and wonderful.

W I L D 🌲

A photo posted by David Milan (@mdemilan) on

@n_tolstyh - using nature as a background.

@theletterbuglondon - the alphabet brought to life.

Go forth and create!

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