25 Bloggers You Wish You Were Reading

The Internet is a wide, wide world — you can't know about everything. Which means often, you don't. Recently a group of my colleagues started throwing around the names of the biggest bloggers on the web. The usual supects emerged: Josh Marshall, Matt Drudge, Perez Hilton and this blog's namesake, Arianna Huffington. No surprises there. But sometimes it's boring to be told what you already know — and there's so much more out there.

Remember when the web used to be about following links to someone's cool blogspot site? Yeah. Things were so simple then. Now it's all about the world of ultra-ultra-niche or the secret gems that the big sites troll daily for their unique takes or singular nuggets. Blogs used to be about aggregating the MSM; now it's about curating the very best of a giant, sprawling web. Some people you've never heard of are very, very good at that, and my colleagues Robert Quigley and Joe Coscarelli painstakingly came up with 25 of the best of them. As a former HuffPo-er, I am excited to see my Media page colleague Danny Shea amongst them (that's a secret I've known for a while), plus tireless site editor Roy Sekoff, who has been living and breathing this place since it was founded 4.5 years ago (wow - HuffPo's like, a blog grandaddy at this point!). Anyhow, here are the categories, featuring five up-and-coming or under-appreciated bloggers, including:

Hidden Hands: The workhorses behind blue-chip sites with tremendous clout who often go unrecognized for their accomplishments as individuals.

Blogs Bloggers Read: Bloggers behind sites worshipped by insiders that mold the shape of the online conversation.

Niche Experts: These are the writers whose areas of focus may not garner them the biggest following, but in music, fashion, cars, business, and food, they're as good as it gets.

Power Hitters: They may be big names already, but they are somehow still undersold considering the amount of work they put in and the amount of influence they wield.

Reinventors: Bloggers who, rather than resting on their well-deserved laurels for past accomplishments, have continued to innovate and reinvent their editorial presences on the web.

Each one of them is worth a browse, and a bookmark. Get to know this list and you will never feel internet illiterate again.