25 Famous People Who Failed At First

Whether it's Instagram likes or Twitter RTs, everyone in today's world is looking for instant gratification. Many hope to become the next overnight success or make a million bucks before they work their first minimum wage job. But we seem to forget that most of the icons we idolize worked their asses off to get where they are. They didn't just start on The X Factor, or make a YouTube video of themselves singing.

Living that lavish life didn't come easy. Jay-Z, Oprah, Babe Ruth and J.K Rowling literally started from the bottom.

Jay-Z is now worth upwards of $650 million, but before he was a rap mogul he was living in the projects and had been shot 3 times.

J.K Rowling was a single divorcee raising a child alone when she wrote the idea for Harry Potter on a napkin, and we all know how that turned out for her.

The lesson we can take from all those who didn't give up when things weren't going their way is that even if your dreams aren't handed to you on a silver platter, it doesn't mean you won't eventually achieve them. Persistence is key.

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