25 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Want to Quit Your Job and Travel the World

Our passion lies in adventure photography. If you give us a chance, we'll be out in the wilderness with no questions asked.
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Our passion lies in adventure photography. If you give us a chance, we'll be out in the wilderness with no questions asked. Chanel and myself grew up in a Johannesburg, which is a massive urban area and the thought of exploring the outdoors has always appealed to us. At the beginning of the year we quit our jobs to explore the globe - we are in search of big skies and deep lakes, and we want to inspire you to do the same.

It's almost impossible to follow every epic account on Instagram, but we have trawled through countless profiles to bring you the best of 'adventure photography,' including landscape, wildlife, surf and outdoor lifestyle. If your blood runs thick with adventure, but your feed is filled with too many duck-faced teenagers, then have a look at the inspiring list below.

@ChrisBurkard - The man is practically a cult figure for his surf photography.


@AlexStrohl - Rugged landscapes that are truly inspiring.


@DavidGuenther - A lifestyle photographer that will make you want to see the world.


@ShaneMichaelBlack - This is what the outdoors are about.


@StefanoUnterthiner - National Geographic wildlife photographer like no other.


@ColeRise - The world in photos.


@DiscoverEarth - A feature-only page showcasing stunning outdoor photography.


@SouthAfrica - Featuring the best photography from this diverse country.


@RobStrok - Merging landscapes with lifestyle photography, making a very unique feed.


@Kpunkka - If you're a fan of foxes, Northern Lights and squirrels, this Finland-based "squirrel-whisperer" is for you.


@FudoJahic - Bold landscapes in perfect lighting that will inspire you.


@StevinT - Taking the craft of outdoor photography to a new level.


@ShainblumPhotography - Who knew the outdoors could looks so rich.


@MoonMountainMan - This guy sleeps on the top of mountains more often than not.


@KdKuiper - Clean and pure wilderness photography.


@Bejamin - Photography doesn't always have to be fast. Benjamin's account is filled with vivid, long exposure shots that will make you drool.


@PaulNicklen - National Geographic photographer always pushing the boundaries of wildlife photography.


@WissLaren - The Scandinavian wilderness in all its glory.


@RaviVora - Based in Los Angeles as a director and photographer, he definitely has an eye for visual arts.


@LiveFolk - Adventure is a lifestyle. They showcase it.


@Scott_Kranz - A mountain-filled feed that will make you want to grab your boots and hike.


@Wilderness_Culture - A feature-only account persuading you to get up and get out.


@TheOutbound - The Outbound is more than an account; it's a movement that helps you get the most out of the outdoors.


@CalSnape - He has no problem with the extreme cold, and no problem capturing the most incredible adventure photography.


@HowFarFromHome - Our own mission to see how far form home we can get.


Authors note: We tried to keep the feature-only pages to a minimum, because there are a lot out there, and most are sharing the same content. The ones that have appeared on our list are in our view the best, and are not "pay-for-features" pages, (as far as we know).

Then two outdoor explorers worth a special mention - my gorgeous girlfriend and I ;) We try capture a mix of lifestyle and outdoor photography from our travels.



If we have left some of your favourite adventure photography profiles off the list, let us know about them in the comments section below.

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