25 Moments That Make Being in Love So Incredible

When they steal the covers. When they grab your hand in public. When they wrap their arms around you and squeeze you. When they make you laugh. Every moment that they make you fall in love all over again is why being in love is so unbelievably incredible.
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Every day, I read articles trying to dissect and diagnose love and relationships. I can't help but think that maybe love really isn't definable at all. Maybe being in love with someone is just a string of moments that feels different than the rest of life. These moments give us pure happiness and awaken our souls. They make us feel alive. Here are 25 of those moments.

1. When you do something very normal or silly that you always do and receive a look of such genuine admiration that it melts you. It's the "of course you brought donuts for your co-worker's birthday," or "of course you forgot to put the toothpaste cap on again" look that reminds you that you are loved for who you really are.

2. When you take a short moment to watch the person you love walk away, get into a car, or pick something up, and you stop to admire the way their body moves. It's that moment when you realize you're basically checking them out from a distance. You then feel a tinge of excitement when you remember that this is the person you're in love with.

3. When you've had literally the worst day on the planet. You come home feeling defeated and alone only to be reminded with a forehead kiss or comfort pizza already ordered that you're never alone even on your worst days.

4. When you're having a disagreement and then all of a sudden you end up laughing in spite of yourselves.

5. When you're at a dinner or celebration of some kind with each other's families and it just feels like home. When family love crosses divides and you find that you have a new member of your family and are a new member of another. Loving moments just seem to multiply.

6. When you spend a few Friday nights staying in with trivia games, Netflix and pizza. You feel an insane comfort knowing that with one person, you can create any amount of fun that you may have needed so much more for in the past.

7. When you accomplish something amazing or even just have a marvelously funny story brewing in your mind and your heart swells up with excitement to tell them.

8. When life hands you adversity. Whether these struggles be within your relationship or family, or only in your own life, some of the most rewarding moments of love come when you feel like the world is caving in. Because you know that there will always be someone to protect you. You know in your heart that they will never leave you abandoned and afraid.

9. When you are completely exposed to someone, and yet you feel nothing but safety and love. This can mean anything, from moments of intimacy to being emotionally exposed and vulnerable. You know you are showing all that you are and are loved for it.

10. When little things like catching their scent from a t-shirt make your chest tighten and warm.

11. When you are faced with life decisions and you have a partner and best friend to support and guide you.

12. When you get really wrapped up in meaningful conversation and you note how incredible their ideas are. Being able to learn from the person you love can create some amazing moments.

13. When you're on the same wavelength and your thoughts seem to flow seamlessly into their mind.

14. When you're totally not on the same wavelength and end up laughing.

15. When you get the opportunity to travel together and experience the joy of site-seeing or taste-testing fun foods together. You have little moments of appreciation for not only the world around you, but the person with which you have the pleasure of seeing it with.

16. When they look at you like they are truly and sincerely proud of you. It's a certain look that we all yearn for and recognize in life, and seeing it from the person you love feels indescribable.

17. When you just need to rant like a crazy person and after you're done letting it all out, you look over at their somewhat overwhelmed face and smile in relief.

18. When you fall asleep beside them and something about their radiating body heat or silly snores makes you feel indefinitely as though you are exactly where you are meant to be.

19. When you get a weird amount of enjoyment from running errands and completing every-day tasks together. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary when you're with your best friend.

20. When you enter a new phase of life together and get to experience all of the exciting changes as one heart. Whether it is picking out a rug for your tiny new apartment or deciding what color to paint the nursery, every little moment feels in sync.

21. When they talk about something they're passionate about and you feel so proud and entrapped in their passions.

22. When you can function perfectly together, and also when you have to be apart. This is because your love and understanding stems too deeply to be damaged by a little distance and time.

23. When you challenge each other to be better and push one another in life to your full potentials. It is those moments that are sometimes critical, but ultimately lead to you knowing that you have someone who supports your goals and wants to help you achieve them.

24. When life is getting really hectic and your schedules feel completely insane, but nothing between you changes. It's those moments when you make the best of the time you have with quick talks over morning coffee or FaceTime chats on the go, that you know that you have separate lives, but your hearts will always be together.

25. When they kiss you out of nowhere. When they make a bad joke and you laugh anyway. When they steal the covers. When they grab your hand in public. When they wrap their arms around you and squeeze you. When they make you laugh. Every moment that they make you fall in love all over again is why being in love is so unbelievably incredible.

Because as I said earlier, life is just a string of happy and unhappy moments, and love just composes many of the happy ones.

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