25 Most Stressful Things About College

By Neletha Skelton

There’s no doubt the college experience is a stressful one - at least to some extent. The increase in responsibilities after transitioning from high school to college can make or break souls. On the flip side, it’s still a pretty damn awesome experience.

Here are some of my top college-related stressors:

1. Expensive-ass tuition (and everything else that costs too much).

2. Trying to secure financial aid.

3. Student loan debt. How the heck will I pay this shit off?

4. Waking up really early - too early - to get to class. Isn’t this bad for my health?

5. Trying to score good parking spaces.

6. Riding smelly buses with noisy high school students. It’s like they forget other people ride the bus, too.

7. Having to walk - a lot. Walking in the snow is the worst.

8. Panhandlers begging me for money when I’m walking to class. I want to help, but I’m about as broke as them.

9. Trying to figure out where my classes are.

10. Being late to class. Then I usually find out all the good seats are taken.

11. Forgetting to bring class materials and having to share with others.

12. Forgetting I had class assignments due earlier. What do you mean I had a quiz due yesterday?

13. Being alone during break times because my friends are busy with classes.

14. Computer labs with nasty computers. No, I don’t like when random strands of hair from other people are on the keyboards.

15. Trying to find the time to completely read all my textbooks during each semester. I feel like this is practically impossible.

16. Paying for textbooks I don’t need. OK, this is even worse, but I’m working on it.

17. Finding out I have to take extra classes.

18. Finding out all spots are filled for classes I planned on registering. Ugh.

19. Dealing with teachers who have vague instructions. I came to class to learn, not be confused.

20. When teachers call on me and I scramble for the right answer. Why couldn’t they call on someone else?

21. Finding out class was cancelled after I make it to class. Yep, used all that gas for nothing.

22. Trying to take tests in class when I haven’t eaten for hours. Stomach growls and complete silence don’t mix in the classroom.

23. Student loan debt. Oh wait, I said this one already.

24. Still having to go to school when other students get to enjoy snow days.

25. Having to juggle college classes on top of a work schedule. At least I work.


Damn, this list could go on and on. But on the bright side...

Tons of scholarship opportunities. Now, if I could only win them.

  • Awesome travel adventures around the world.
  • Learning about different cultures.
  • Joining student organizations and making a bunch of friends.
  • Free food, events, and college gear. College - the best place to be a freeloader.
  • Exclusive volunteer, internship, and job opportunities.
  • Supportive advisers and professors.
  • Higher earning potential with a college degree. I can earn a million more dollars during my lifetime with one fancy diploma.
  • Learning to be more independent. Yes, it’s hard, but so is growing up - period.

And certainly this list could go on and on. Honestly, I won’t regret a damn day of college.


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