25 Overlooked Political Books of 2011

You won't find any of these books in the New York Times Book Review, though they've all been released in the first half of this year by prominent presses. As far as I can tell, not a single one of them has been reviewed in the Times--and I suspect this would be the case for the other leading newspaper review sections too. Apparently, these books are so mind-bogglingly radical, they might destroy your peace of mind and turn you into a flame-throwing subversive.

Actually, these are all wonderfully accessible yet serious books addressing very important subjects, from the economic crisis and globalization to border politics and the dilemmas of identity. Can Detroit be saved? What are the myths of green energy? What can we learn from the boggled reconstruction of Iraq? Are we going to share a future of biometric surveillance? Just how did white middle-class Americans start identifying themselves as outsiders? These exciting books shed some necessary light!

Some Overlooked Political Books of Early 2011