25 Photos Of Dogs At Weddings That Are Paws-itively Precious

When pets act as the ring bearer, flower girl or best dog, you know it's going to be adorable.

No wedding guest list is complete without the couple’s nearest and dearest present. And for devoted fur parents, that means including their dogs in the celebration.

Some pups act as members of the bridal party, while other dogs attend the ceremony as a guest of honor. No matter what role they play, their presence adds something precious to the festivities.

Below, meet the cuddly cuties who made their owners’ big days extra special:

Hi, Jelly!
Good day, Peanut.
How's it hangin', Gus and Sammy?
Have a great day, Scotty.
Stay classy, Buster.
You are so loved, Oliver.
Greetings, Miles.
You've never looked better, Doug.
And you look stunning, Coco.
Over here, Shadow!
You're a class act, Winston.
Keep it together, Barkley.
Don't be shy, Rufio.
Good to see you, Lilly.
Keep it real, Declan.
Pleased to meet you, Hoj.
Great outfits, Zoe and Sebastian.
Hey there, Bear.
Looking dapper, Winston.
Smile for the camera, Chinks!
Wave goodbye to sweet Bella.
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