25 Reasons to Love the World We Live In

As I've circumnavigated the globe, the world has shown me a whole new meaning to the kindness of a stranger, given significance to a sunset, and inspired a greater love for the beautiful world we live in.
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As I've circumnavigated the globe, the world has shown me a whole new meaning to the kindness of a stranger, given significance to a sunset, and inspired a greater love for the beautiful world we live in. I share 25 reasons to love the world we live in. These 25 reasons will highlight different locations and the unique ways the world opens your mind to adventure, humanity, and love.

1.Because seeing great artistic masterpieces of years past reminds us of the potential of human creativity.


2.Because swimming with giant hammerhead sharks, lizards, and sea lions in the Galapagos Islands reminded us that we can indeed co-exist.


3.Because we dove into the azure waters of the Rosario Islands off of the coast of Cartagena and were rewarded with a view that colored the way we see under the sea.


4. Because we danced with smiling children on the banks of the Mekong River in Cambodia on a Pandaw River Cruise, only to be reminded that a simple smile and a dance can break any language barrier.


5. Because despite getting hit with a massive super storm, New Jersey keeps rebuilding itself and staying strong. #Jerseystrong


6.Because at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, we were able to gain perspective on what a small place we occupy in this large world.


7.Because we went to Bali and saw that every single day, the people of Bali create ornate offerings of thanks for the day. Not for any "thing," but just for the ability to be alive.


8.Because we watched two lions awaken next to us in Kruger National Park; their roars reverberating through our entire bodies. We quickly understood why lions are the kings of the jungle.


9.Because we tasted our way through the delicious Etna Wine Trail in Sicily, where wineries are built in the path of a massive active volcano. With great risk, comes great reward.


10.Because we swam to the end of the Zambezi River, looking over the rushing waterfall in Devil's Pool, understanding that fear is only a state of mind.


11.Because we visited the Lennon Wall in Prague and were overcome with love because of the outpouring of encouraging notes, reminding us that with unity comes love.


12.Because we watched the sun go down over the Pacific Ocean in Manhattan Beach and saw shades of red and purple we didn't know existed in nature.


13.Because we climbed a giant oceanside cliff in Patmos, Greece and were rewarded with 180 degree views of the azure Aegean, reminding us that the roads less traveled are the best ones.


14.Because we dove the Great Blue Hole in Belize and were able to see the undersea stalactites and stalagmites 145' deep into the ocean.


15.Because we saw the bohemian beauty of a city that completely reinvented itself when we visited Medellin, Colombia.


16.Because seeing people sing and dance in the streets of Dublin taught us that you can eat, drink, and be merry day after day.


17.Because we were overcome with emotion upon visiting the Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong. With a breeze that could only be described as spiritual, we were honored to be in its presence.


18.Because after climbing the 2300 ft. up Corcovado Mountain, we were blessed with a view of the Christ the Redeemer statue, a breathtaking Wonder of the World.


19.Because we visited Santorini and saw that out of a volcanic catastrophe can come the most beautiful island in the world.


20.Because we visited Istanbul, Turkey and saw how the spirit of the past is preserved in the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.


21.Because we surfed the never-ending waves in Nosara, Costa Rica and felt what it was like to ride with nature.


22.Because we walked the colorful streets of La Boca in Buenos Aires, littered with tango dancers, and were overcome with the vibrancy of life.


23.Because there is nothing like visiting Italy, eating pasta & gelato and drinking wine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And having it be socially acceptable.


24.Because I got over my fear of heights by visiting Lake Como and jumping off a cliff with a man named Fabio strapped to my back. Seriously. Fabio.


25.Because we stayed with friends in London that we had met week's prior in Greece, proving that travel is best measured not in the miles traveled, but in the friends made on the road.