25 Reasons to Visit Romania (4): The Black Sea

Here, in Romania, we are very blessed with everything that the human mind can envision. Mountains, breathtaking views, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, secret villages where time stands still, cities and culture and over 250 kilometers of unspoiled beaches.
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All photos by Vlad Semen

Here, in Romania, we are very blessed with everything that the human mind can envision. Mountains, breathtaking views, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, secret villages where time stands still, cities and culture and over 250 kilometers of unspoiled beaches.

The Romanian Black Sea resorts stretch from the Danube Delta in the North down to the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in the South, along the coastline. The Romanian Black Sea riviera is served by Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport (Constanta) which is connected to the main European capitals through charter flights during the summer season and by Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport, within 3 hour's drive on the European Road, A2.


The most famous resort is Mamaia, situated North of the city of Constanța on a narrow land slice that separates the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol. Other important resorts have names from Greek mythology, such as Neptun, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Olimp.


If you are looking for a memorable holiday in Romania, I recommend that you take a stroll along our wonderful beaches and plan on staying in one of the wonderful hotels situated at the sea side.

1. Visit Constanta, a beautiful ancient metropolis with the most famous abandoned building in Romania: the Casino. Take some photos, relax inside the gazeboes placed along the sea front and contemplate the idea of coming back when the Casino is fully restored and regains its old glory. Marvel at this art nouveau monument and breathe in the salty Black Sea air.


2. In Mamaia, a luxury resort North of Constanta, I suggest you stay at the Tomis Garden Aparthotel, a home away from home. It boasts spacious apartments with a lake view, all the comfort you need and if you feel like creating a romantic atmosphere, light up some candles, enjoy a bottle of prosecco and take a long relaxing bath.


3. Attend the Windsurfing Academy at Piccadilly Mamaia where you can sign up for some windsurfing lessons.


4. Have a cocktail or an ice-creamed-coffee at Sky View Bar, on the last floor of Parc Hotel. You will have the chance to gaze at the splendid sunset plus you can also view the entire resort in all its glory.


5. Take a boat ride to Ovidiu Island. If you are looking for the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner, there is a lovely restaurant here specialised in sea food dishes.


6. Along the coastline, 30 kilometers away from Constanta, you will find Eforie Nord, a family oriented resort. Complex Steaua de Mare, Eforie Nord *** comprises 2 towering hotels (Delfinul and Meduza), several luxury apartments and a villa. It features several pools, a roof top bar, restaurants and a private beach with chaise lounges. .


7. Hotel Turquoise, Venus **** has recently been opened and it looks absolutely spectacular; it is adorned with elegant details, and the people here are extremely passionate about their work and willing to cater to all your needs. What's there more to add? Infinity pool, nearby beach, vibrant colours, luxury decor, delicate accessories. Be prepared to feel spoiled!


8. Lacul Racilor Complex is situated upon entry to Olimp resort, on DN 39 B, only 5 minutes away from the beach. The 10 villas, the hotel and the restaurant are located on the lake shore, in a marvelous setting, away from the urban stress and pollution, in a calm area where you can relax in the middle of nature taking advantage of a unique ambiance and a blissful view.


9. Rent a sail boat from Limanu Life Harbour and go on a sea adventure. Be an explorer and take it all in!


10. Paradise Land Neptun is an adventure park which will surely raise to your expectations. The surrounding forest, the dedicated people who work there and who built everything from scratch, the joyfulness of the children and youngsters who come to play, the positive energy - everything points to good times and lots of fun.


11. Clos des Colombes - vineyard, wine cellar, restaurant and hotel - an ambitious project ran by enthusiastic people. Spend time in this whimsical locale, have a candlelit dinner and listen to the creator of this concept while she recounts how it all started.


12. Take a long walk and visit the resorts that share the same name as the solar system's planets and admire the hidden beaches as well as the views from the hotels. I recommend the Venus - Cap Aurora - Jupiter - Neptun route.


13. Buy locally harvested raspberries and peaches for a healthy lunch. Read a book by Turqouise Hotel's infinity pool.


14. If a night of non-stop partying sounds tempting to you, you have 3 options: Mamaia (try the high-end clubs), Vama Veche (for the flower-power nostalgics) or Costinesti (for the forever young and in love).


15. Rent a car and discover the secluded beaches of Vadu, 2 Mai and Corbu and go camping. The raw beauty and wilderness of the areas will leave you speechless.


If you reached Vadu beach, there are only a couple of kilometres till Gura Portitei, one of the most picturesque natural reservations in Romania, located between Razim Lake and The Black Sea. 100 km further you will find The Danube Delta which I described in detail here.

Contributing Editor: Alida Cucu

Photos: Vlad Semen

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