25 Side-By-Side Photos Of Dads And Kids That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Wait, what? Wow.

It's not uncommon for there to be a resemblance between a biological parent and child. It's pretty wild, however, when you're looking between photos of you and your kid at the same age, struggling to figure out who is who.

In honor of Father's Day, we asked the HuffPost Parents community to share photos of dads and their kids at the same age, and it's amazing how similar they look. Check them out and share yours in the comments below.

Dawn Gutierrez
Emily Jones
Diana Sanchez
My husband (left) and my daughter (right), both around 1.
Heather Ann
My husband on the left, my son on the right.
Taryn Gavagan Bozzo
My husband on the left and our 6-month-old daughter on the right.
Katy Julian
My husband on the left and my son on the right. Both love monster trucks!
Sara Larkin
My husband and our son.
Melissa Van Jura Larimer
My husband is on the left and my son is on the right, both at 3 months.
Jordan Keith Byers
My son Marcus at 6 months on the right. Me at 6 months on the left.
Annie Ess
My daughter and husband.
Erica Cooksey
Husband and son -- they're both around 2 here.
Sarah Hickam Bumpus
My son and husband -- at 6 years old.
Nicole Perez
A picture of my husband Billy on the left at 2 months old, and my son Maverick next to the photograph, also at 2 months old.
Jessica Minnich
My son on the right and his dad on the left. His dad passed away before he was born, so it's amazing and eerie to see how much they look alike.
Patricia Eddy
My husband on the left and our son on the right. They both had darker hair when they were born but both hair colors changed to blond. My husband's hair changed back to a darker color, so we'll see if our son's does!
Jean Wolfers-Lawrence
Baby boy Turner on the right and his father on the left.
Kelly Dupnock
Daughter on the right and daddy on the left, around 6 months old.
Rebecca Mckelvey
My son on the left and my husband on the right at their first birthday parties. They have the same crazy hair and are even making the same face!
Ashleigh-George Boille
My husband on the left, our daughter on the right. Identical twins, identical expressions.
Victoria Martinez
My husband on the left and my daughter on the right. She definitely takes after Daddy's looks.
Cristina Payes
Son on the right and his daddy in the picture on the left.
Fawn Howard Bergen
My husband and youngest son at the same age.
Christina Herr
My husband (left) and my son (right) at 3 years old!
Asia Renae Hogan
My son and his dad -- put black hair on my kiddo and they'd be pretty close!!
Emerald Dewey
My husband on the left and my son on the right.
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