25 Stunning Photos That Will Enrich Your International Woman's Day

What a meaningful way to celebrate International Women's Day!

I was filming Maasai for an NGO and came up with the idea to shoot outdoor portraits with studio light. This photo of communication between mother and daughter was taken in the Maasai village - Boma, Arusha area, Northern Tanzania.

Photographer: Vladimir Pcholkin Website: beekeeperstories.blogspot.ca

Each year, Canadian Evelyn Hannon, editor of Journeywoman.com reaches out to her online pals around the world -- travel bloggers, journalists and photographers -- to ask for their favorite women-centered photographs.

And each year, Evelyn's labor of love is to curate an online gallery using these submissions to showcase the strength and diversity of females at home and away.

This year her theme is: Wonder Woman. Evelyn explains, “Wonder Woman was gifted with many powers and skills, a heroine who stands for justice, love, peace, caring and gender equality. I like to believe that more than a bit of Wonder-Woman exists in Every-Woman around the world."

While exploring the Colonial Center of Quito, Ecuador we came upon this beautiful woman dressed in traditional garb. We timidly asked if it was okay to snap her photo, she not only kindly agreed, but sent us on our way with a blessing.

Photographer: Veronica James Website: GypsyNester.com

A most interesting part of this online exhibit is that each photographer is asked to give a mini back tale of the photo they are entering to hang in the digital gallery.

“Each portrait and each story is so different yet they all mesh, coming together in a wonderful celebration of the female sex,” says Hannon. “We have everything from a Maasai mother-daughter in Northern Tanzania, to two grandmothers in Italy, to four generations of Irish women posing together for a family wedding.”

Hannon explains that another magical ingredient each year is the generosity of the photographers. Though most of the contributors have never met in real life they are a family ready to help each other out, especially on International Women’s Day.

Their enthusiasm for the project shines through in the photos and travel tales they share.

Have you ever seen such wonderful hair? That's one of the things I love about the Middle East.

 Evelyn Hannon Website: www.journeywoman.com/

As in past years, this exhibit will make its way around the world via social media. It spreads like wildfire and that, says Evelyn, makes all the work beforehand so very worthwhile.

International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on March 8.

David and Veronica James, GypsyNester.com

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