20 Things Only Married People Will Understand

20 Things Only Married People Will Understand

There are certain things in life you can't fully understand until you've been through them yourself. And marriage is definitely one of those things.

You may have had serious and meaningful relationships before, but something feels different after you've said "I do." On Thursday, we asked our readers to tell us something that only a married person would understand. Find out what they had to say below. Then, add anything they missed in the comments.

1) Monogamy may seem boring, but it's much more fulfilling than being single.

2) You can love someone more than anything in the world and be so annoyed by them at the same time.

3) The more you overcome together, the more your friendship grows.

4) The concept of "forever."

5) Open bathroom doors -- get used to them.

6) The simultaneous blessing and curse of joint bank accounts.

7) That needing space and time away from each other is not only normal, but necessary.

8) Companionship means more than sex.

9) Putting your husband or wife first. Not just saying you'll do it -- actually doing it.

10) Marriage is nothing like dating.

11) The value of forgiveness and the ability to move on.

12) Sometimes you have to choose between being right and having peace.

13) Picking your battles wisely.

14) There are times you can dislike the person you love the most.

15) Being able to pick up on unspoken needs and issues.

16) As great as it is, it's hard work.

17) True love transcends everything else.

18) The importance of having married friends.

19) The real definition of commitment.

20) An imperfect relationship can still be a great relationship.

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