25 Things Your Girlfriends Do For You Like No One Else Can

Whether you and your friends are just like Tina and Amy, look up to Nicki and Bey, or roll deep with a Bridesmaids-like crew, there's not doubt that your crew brings incredible things into your life. 

Here are 25 things girlfriends do that make life a whole lot better: 

1. Instantly decode your Facebook statuses, tweets and Instagram photos to figure out whether your posts are genuine, ironic or cries for help.

 2. Give you their last hair tie.

 3. Share moments of total indulgence, revelry and abandon with you like you're queens of some magical land.
4. Validate your irrational fears -- because sometimes small furry animals are more creepy than cute, OK?
5. Trash talk a really sh*tty ex without making you feel terrible for dating him or her in the first place. 
6. Distract you from your bad day with funny self-deprecating stories about hookups gone awry, or really awkward office encounters. 
7. Come up with ingenious fashion fixes, like stapling your dress back together when a snap breaks while you're out to dinner. 
8. Start enjoyable dance circles at even the worst of parties. 

 9. Retake that selfie three times because your hair just didn't look right in it. 

10. Hang out with you in the bathroom while you fix your hair or avoid whatever event you're supposed to be attending. 
11. Insist that you borrow clothing when you decide last-minute that you HATE what you're wearing. 
12. Convince you to go to that super fun party -- even when you feel way to too lazy to go.
13. Reassure you that it's OK to stay home instead of going to that super fun party you were too lazy to go to. 
14. Remember your dog's birthday. 

15. Hold your hair back when you've had too much to drink.

16. Always point out when a cute guy has "liked" or doubled tapped one of your posts. 
17. Rescue you from anyone, anywhere, at any time. 
18. Remind you eating that cupcake/cheesecake/hunk of chocolate the size and shape of Ryan Gosling won't kill you.
19. Literally pick you up and feed you when you're going through a hard time. 
20. Make you feel better about watching a bad TV show most people have never heard of -- because they're right next to you watching it, too. 

21. Always show up for the big, important stuff.

 22. Come up with awesome friend dates to distract you from that guy or girl who didn't text you back. 

23. Advise on which swimsuit you should buy based on the 17 pictures you texted from the dressing room.

 24. Tell you you're beautiful on days when they can tell you don't feel beautiful at all.

25. Call you "sister." 

What's the best thing your girlfriends do for you? Comment below, or tweet @HuffPostWomen

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