25 Times Liz Lemon Reminded Women It's OK To Do Your Own Thing

Her idiosyncrasies and imperfections made her so damn relatable.

“30 Rock” premiered 10 years ago this week, and since then, Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon has cemented her place in pop culture history. From her enduring catchphrases (”blerg!”) to her eating habits (”I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich”) to her moments of triumph (”high-fiving a million angels”), Fey’s heroine made an impact on viewers ― especially on women.

Although Liz Lemon’s feminism was certainly flawed, she had some empowering onscreen moments, and for countless women viewers, it was her idiosyncrasies and imperfections that made her so damn relatable.

Here are 25 Liz Lemon moments that showed women that it’s OK to be your weird, imperfect self.

  • 1 When she rejected Valentine's Day in favor of celebrating the birthday of a women's rights activist.
    Meet Anna Howard Shaw, everyone.
  • 2 When she had the perfect response to hearing a guy wanted to buy her a drink.
  • 3 When she pledged her devotion to friendship and sisterhood.
  • 4 When she showed the world the best way to spend a Friday night.
  • 5 When she rejected the idea of a fairy-tale romance.
  • 6 When she adopted a cat and named her Emily Dickinson.
    After the acclaimed poet, because, duh.
  • 7 When she faked a pregnancy to help a (real) pregnant woman advance in her career.
    When Jack Donaghy's wife, Avery is up for a promotion but fears her pregnancy may jeopardize her chances, she hides it from her colleagues. Liz pretends to be pregnant to protect her secret when she and Avery run into a conniving coworker at a baby store, which leads to a hilarious maternity shoot.
  • 8 When she bought a wedding dress because she didn't "need society’s permission to buy a white dress."
  • 9 When she called out sexist double standards.
    Because the U.S. restricts access to contraceptives for women, while Medicare has spent millions on Viagra and "penis pumps."
  • 10 When she gave excellent sex advice.
    Post-coital popcorn for all!
  • 11 When she gave even more excellent sex advice.
  • 12 When she showed how single women can thrive.
  • 13 When she called out the patriarchy.
  • 14 When she joined a WNBA dance team to let loose and pursue a personal interest.
  • 15 When she shut down creepy guys who hit on her.
    Boy, bye.
  • 16 When she asserted her authority at work.
  • 17 When she responded to rejection with aplomb.
    And Alanis Morissette.
  • 18 When she was economical about her snacks.
    Doughnuts are a terrible thing to waste.
  • 19 When she decided to say "yes" to the things that matter.
  • 20 When she skewered the concept of women "having it all."
  • 21 When she showed she didn't need a man's help.
  • 22 When she showed off next-level eating techniques.
  • 23 When she stopped worrying about being likable and took charge.
  • 24 When she knew who her true friends were.
  • 25 When she took destiny into her own hands.


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