25 Ways to Nourish Your Self-Love and Your Life

Our self-love and perceived self-worth have vast implications on what we think we are capable of and what we think we deserve.

Many women seem to lack self-love and it impacts everything, from who they speak to, what they do in their careers, how they parent and how they love their partners, just to name a few.

The journey of self-love is a long one, but it is much easier to navigate when you have self-loving actions and ways of being that you can call upon when needed.

Here are 25 ways to nourish your self-love so that you can be kinder to yourself and to others.

1. Thank your body for all that it does instead of criticizing it for what you think it lacks.
2. Say NO when you mean no. You will still be loved.
3. Get out of your comfort zone, often. Magic truly does live there.
4. Trust yourself more. Listen to your inner voice. The voice that just told you that you do not have an inner voice, that is your inner voice.
5. Learn to forgive yourself and others. We are all human, doing our best with what we have.
6. Allow other people to contribute to you, often. Raise them higher.
7. Ask for help even when you know you can do it alone. It will be more fun.
8. Share what you have. You have so much.
9. Own who you are without apology. You are a limited edition.
10. Stand tall. You are worthy to be here.
11. Fuel your body with real food. You would not put junk into your car and expect it to function well.
12. Move your body daily. You only have one, honor it.
13. Surround yourself with positive and empowering media. What you let in forms your thoughts and your thoughts create your actions.
14. Doubt your doubts.
15. Spend time with kind people. They will help you to be kinder to yourself.
16. Forget about what other people think of you. It is none of your business.
17. Question your inner critic. It does not know what you are capable of.
18. Create boundaries. We teach others how to treat us by what we allow.
19. Stick to your boundaries.
20. Be part of or create a community. We thrive in numbers.
21. Get to know your neighbors. Connection is priceless.
22. Get into nature, often. We are part of it.
23. Take yourself out on a date. You are worth it.
24. Slow down. Be still. Find peace.
25. Go for your dreams. You will regret it if you don't.