25 Weird Mother's Day Gifts Perfect For Your Weird Mom

What will Mom love most? A Beetlejuice blazer? Eyelashes for her car? How about a chainsaw?

Since your mom gave you life, shouldn’t her Mother’s Day gifts be a little lively?

If finding a perfectly weird gift for your perfectly weird mom is a challenge this year, HuffPost Weird News can help.

We’ve gathered some of the year’s strangest gifts for Mom in one place to make things easier for you.

There’s something for every kind of weird mom, and chances are, yours will probably appreciate that chainsaw more than yet another Mother’s Day meal at a crowded chain restaurant.

Sebastian The Crab Baby Carrier
There's only a short window after a child's birth where you can dress them in crazy costumes without them griping about how you're destroying their dignity. For that precious period, there is this Sebastian the Crab baby carrier.
Eyelashes For Your Car
Stylish moms like to zhuzh things up whenever they can -- even on their car. These Car Lashes will make the headlights on Mom's ride look fun, flirty and fashionable.
Pretty Punisher Water Cannon
No matter how much your mom loves you, it's possible you might frustrate her at times. This giant inflatable water cannon will allow her to work out that aggression in the safe, sane environment of a backyard pool.
Bigfoot Carries Gnomes Statue
When it comes to garden statues, there's no place like "gnome." Add Bigfoot to the mix and you have a bizarre conversation piece that will enhance the look of the backyard -- or distract from the rest of it, if needed.
Disco Ball Purse
This disco ball purse is a great way to remind Mom she'll always be your dancing queen -- even if she's no longer 17.
Habanero Linguini
Variety is the spice of life, but few things are spicier than linguini made with habanero peppers. Your mom will have a hot time.
Hostage Tape To Stop Snoring
Sometimes, the best gift you can give a mother is peace and quiet. And if she sleeps with a snorer, the struggle is real. However, Hostage Tape covers up the mouth and thus may reduce snoring.
Less-Than-Welcoming Welcome Mat
Just because your mom is hosting visitors doesn't mean she can't set boundaries. This less-than-welcoming welcome mat will at least make it clear to guests when they should head out.
Chainsaws and motherhood: two great tastes that taste great together.
Purple Hookah
Perfect for hookah enthusiasts and Prince fans alike.
Device That Turns Smartphone Into Bug Bite Zapper
Insect bites can really bug a mom -- or anyone, honestly -- but this nifty doodad from Just-Heat-It.com can help ease Mom's insect irritations by turning her phone into an itch zapper.
Yu-Gi-Oh Fuzzy Slippers
It's a sad reality of life that your mom is eventually going to have cold feet. There are a multitude of ways to rectify this, but come on -- this is your mom we're talking about. Wouldn't you feel better knowing Yu-Gi-Oh is taking care of her tootsies? (That's a rhetorical question. Don't email us.)
Mobile Warming Blanket
Your mom has probably spent a few nights freezing while watching you play sports, so why not return the favor and give her a sleek, non-bulky wearable electric blanket? It will warm her heart as well.
Tech-Assisted Meditation Cushions
It's not easy to stay calm and focused -- maybe least of all for moms. This meditative cushion can enhance your ma's meditation routine by using vibroacoustics to get her in the bliss state faster. And if she's blissed out, she can't "offer suggestions" on how you should live your life. Everyone wins!
Beetlejuice Blazer
For executive moms who want to make a statement, nothing says "power suit" like this Beetlejuice blazer.
Hideout Hoodie
Sometimes your mom just wants to cocoon and hide from the world. For those moments, there is the Hideout Hoodie, an oversized garment that comes with a built-in eye mask. Going incognito was never so stylish.
Uterus Clutch Purse
Giving mom a uterus purse is definitely a choice -- and speaking of choice, a portion of the sales will go toward supporting abortion rights.
Phone Soap
If your mom is a germophobe, she probably freaks out when she imagines all the bacteria on the family's phones. The PhoneSoap device cleans phones in just a few minutes using UV rays. Isn't technology great?
Menstruation Crustacean
If your mom suffers serious cramps during her time of the month, she might need a friend who can help. Enter the Menstruation Crustacean, a lobster-shaped microwaveable heating pad with the relaxing scent of lavender. You'll have to claw it away from her.
Chinese Takeout Box Handbag
When it comes to style, this handbag designed to look like a Chinese takeout box really delivers the goods.
Camera-Shaped Mini Fan
Moms who want to stay cool will be big fans of this little fan.
THC-Laced Crackers
Some people might get Mom candy for Mother's Day, but she might be more high on crackers -- especially if they contain THC.
Underwear With Important Message In Crotch
Sometimes, the most important Mother's Day gift is one we give ourselves, such as underwear that includes an important reminder.
Really Baggy Romper
Take a tip from someone who waits until the last possible moment to do laundry: Having a baggy go-to outfit can be a godsend when nothing else feels right. Your mom will appreciate your support for her comfort.
You can't spell "margarita" without "Ma," but not everyone can master the salt rim on the glass. Luckily, we have Salteez -- salted strips that wrap around a glass or cup to make flavor enhancement as stress-free as possible.
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