Toddler Scientist, Romanieo Golphin Jr., Knows Physics And Chemistry (VIDEO)

WATCH: 2.5-Year-Old Scientist Knows Physics And Chemistry

By two years old, a toddler is expected to use a spoon and drink from a cup; by age three they're liable to be riding a tricycle and carrying on simple pretend games. (Dress up, anyone?)

Two-and-a-half-year-old Romanieo Golphin Jr. can do all of the above presumably, as well as rattle off the names and composition of subatomic particles and atoms such as carbon and magnesium on command.

Romanieo's father says his son's genius is simply the product of cultivating talents that everyone is born with, a process that he's developed into a series of learning programs for toddlers and young adults called BabytechiOS and Novus. On his company's website, The Robeson Group, he writes:

These videos reflect our attempt at translating sophisticated concepts in simple ways. We've crafted a method of instruction, that at the age of 2.5 years old, (as unlikely as it seems) our son now has a grasp of the world around him in unique and profound ways. Some have pronounced him a genius and even Einstein-like. We say he's a well loved child with unique gifts that have been cultivated. But, we also believe that we're all born with "it."

Whether baby Golphin's scientific smarts are inherent or attained has yet to be determined. What is for sure is that they're totally adorable.


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