25 Years Of Christmas Morning Magic In Under 3 Minutes

Here's a manifesto for the importance of recording special family moments that barely needs any words at all.

Twenty-five years' worth of Christmas morning home videos, dutifully recorded by dad and edited together by Nick Confalone (who co-stars in the footage), show a sister and brother grow from pajama-clad cherubs to adults in their own right, with cameos from other members of the family (some four-legged) and, eventually, Nick's sister's husband. Gifts don't even make an appearance; they don't need to.

Originally posted in 2010, this compilation is clearly one for the ages. Meanwhile, Nick has been delighting Vine fans with mini-vids of his own little one, telling Tribeca Film's site, "I guess videotaping my kid is an inherited trait."

Hat tip: The Daily Dot

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