26 Small But Meaningful Things To Do For Yourself After Divorce

Solid advice on how to move on from people who've been there.

When you've spent years -- or even decades -- in a marriage, getting used to being on your own again after divorce is tremendously difficult. To make adjusting to your new normal a little less daunting, we asked HuffPost Divorce readers on Facebook to share the small but meaningful things they did post-split that made the process easier.

See what they had to say below:

1. "I went to dinner alone. I tried new restaurants, brought a Nook and enjoyed the experience." -- Gerri-Lynn Thielen

2. "I spent the first summer being spontaneous with my kids. We didn't plan things ahead of time and never worried about changing plans and upsetting anyone. We made some amazing memories." -- Aubrey Keefer

3. "I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do that I hadn't done while married and I actually started checking things off." -- Ronnette Chopp

4. "I slept spread eagle and diagonally across the whole bed without worrying about trespassing onto the other side." -- Jack Lipton


6. "I tried a new recipe I knew nobody would like when the kids were with their father!" -- Jen Kostandin

7. "I went to drinks with people I always considered 'my wife's friends' and realized I was liked and appreciated in the group, too." -- Jacob Slovak

8. "I went to the movies alone. I would order the largest popcorn and sit smack dab in the middle of the theater. It helped remind me that I could have a great time doing something I enjoyed all by myself." -- Rebekah Nicole

9. "I didn't date on the rebound." -- Kris Torroni

10. "I got a ring for my middle finger to get over usually having one on my ring finger. It sounds random but it was so helpful." -- Jessica Sprankle


12. "I spent more time with my kids. I've really been able to be a part of their lives since the divorce and now I know who they are as individuals." -- Tren Morris

13. "I gave myself permission to experience life without feeling like I was missing a part of me." -- Silvia Escanilla Huerta

14. "I kept my schedule stacked for the first week or so. I spent time with friends and family, ate 'caloric foods' since I hadn't been eating much (thank you, Cheeburger Cheeburger milkshakes) and I went to counseling." -- Jessica Sprankle

15. "I went back to my maiden name. Not having a constant reminder of my ex is such a great feeling." -- Deb Smith

16. "Two words: Girls' trip." -- Debbie Vatter

17. "I bought one percent milk. (He used to get mad as hell if I didn't buy two percent!)" -- Paula Yanke Davis

18. "I baked. A lot. It was therapeutic and my office really enjoyed it." -- Kimberly McGrain

19. "I did anything I wanted, when I wanted." -- Halia Radiuk

20. "I picked a date a few months out when I would no longer allow myself to feel guilty for leaving. What a gift." -- Beth Anne


22. "I went out on a fun date and laughed until my belly hurt." -- Alice Garfias

23. "I bought hot pink sheets because why not?" -- Kimberly McGrain

24. "I treated myself to a new Tempur-Pedic bed since my ex got ours in the divorce. It was the first time I'd ever spent so much money on myself. It was an amazing feeling." -- Amanda Nicole Carlson

25. "My ex and I went out to lunch -- and breathed a sigh of relief and sadness. We were married almost 14 years. We had a good run." -- Monique Rivera

26. "I took some time to be thankful for the divorce. It's been more than four years and the decision still fills me with gratitude." -- Rachel Bednarek

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