26 Surprising Things Men Find Attractive In Women

Sometimes, us gals get so wrapped up in what we look like, and how we think we should appear to potential suitors that we forget what men really want. There’s no denying, a nice round behind and a well-groomed mane might steal a guy’s attention first off, but according to these lovely blokes, it’s the qualities you possess as a person that keeps them interested.

1. Goals

It takes about the same amount of time to wish about something as it does to make a plan to accomplish a goal. I’ll take a woman who makes a plan to leave the job (and co-workers) she can’t stand over the woman who spends an hour a day griping to me about it but takes no effort to do anything different. Brian Massi, Communication Consultant, Taylor Business Solutions

2. Kindness

The number one quality that men site is kindness. Even in marriages that last 40, 50, 60 years, husbands will say that kindness was what “sealed the deal” and men often site kindness as being one of their wives greatest qualities. Phillip Petree, Author, The Man Puzzle

3. Character

While looks can hook a man, it is character that reels him in. Pablo Solomon, Artist & Designer

4. Smile

The one that comes through her eyes and radiates both joy and confidence. Dr Wayne Pernell, High Performance Leadership Coach

5. Positivity

Someone who radiates positivity. There’s enough negativity in the world without having to be surrounded by more of it. Shaun Eli, Comedian

6. Credibility

A woman who does what she says she is going to do. Brian Massi, Communication Consultant, Taylor Business Solutions

7. Lust for life

Attractive is a woman who says through her eyes, smile, and body language, “I love my life and maybe, just maybe, you can be a part of that joy too”. Dr Wayne Pernell, High Performance Leadership Coach

8. Self-belief

When a woman refers to herself as ‘hawt’ that is a big turn on. Having the attitude of “Here I am, take me”. Michael Moretsky, Stay At Home Dad

9. Naturalness

Try not to overdo the makeup. Chad Stone, Dating Expert, Author & Speaker, via Older-dating.co.uk

10. Intelligence

There’s nothing more wonderful than an independent, supersmart woman who has a great career. Dan Nainan, Comedian

11. Positivity

Women who focus on the positives in life and seem to always see the best in other people are incredibly attractive. Dwayne Hayes, Stand magazine

12. Circle of friends

A woman lacking friends lacks a support network and she’ll be very dependent for attention and support. Also, if she can’t make or hang on to friends, there are probably some very good reasons. Brian Massi, Communication Consultant, Taylor Business Solutions

13. Charisma

A person of influence, someone with charisma, is someone who has a joie de vivre and invites you into it to join her, to share with her. Dr Wayne Pernell, High Performance Leadership Coach

14. Vulnerability

Not in a ‘take advantage of you’ kind of way, but rather in a ‘I’m comfortable with who I am so I’ll say what I really want kind of way’. I enjoy meeting women who have opinions that may be different from mine. And, more importantly, will defend them. Lou Altman, Entrepreneur

15. Communication

Usually the women I like to meet are outgoing and will talk about almost anything. Robert D. Sollars, Writer

16. Feminism

I believe in equal opportunity and if a woman tells me she’s not a feminist she’s not for me. Because feminism is not about being better, it’s about being treated equally. Shaun Eli, Comedian

17. Self-assurance

Self-assurance is beautiful, cockiness and ‘proving’ are not. When you can stand in your power, you are able to be yourself, not some image of what someone wants you to be.  This authenticity is very attractive. Lou Altman, Entrepreneur

18. Femininity

In today’s society, too many women lack a good dose of femininity. Many of them are ‘semi-masculine’ in their behavior. Alan Roger Currie, Author, Dating Coach, Internet Radio Personality

19. Independence

When she doesn’t ‘need’ you, she ‘wants’ you. There is a world of difference. Brian Massi, Communication Consultant, Taylor Business Solutions

20. Well-travelled

There’s nothing more attractive in a woman than one who is well-traveled. It’s a badge of surviving challenging experiences as well a sincere commitment to new situations and ways of thinking. It demonstrates independence on a level that’s deeply evocative and attractive. Mike Catania, Entrepreneur

21. Sense of adventure

A girl who is able to let her hair down and have fun now and then is a great quality. Someone who likes to have fun and try new things, whether that be a new restaurant, something outdoors, new hobby or learning something new. Someone who welcomes new experiences and can challenge me along the way. Jarone Ashkenazi, Writer

22. Brains

I find intelligence the biggest turn-on. Shaun Eli, Comedian

23. Laid back-ness

I suppose I’ve always been into girls that are laid back and are willing to go with the flow. Sometimes it can just be a joy to chill with a pint of ice cream and watch some trashy tv, or to take a nice walk in a park. I could never see myself with someone that doesn’t appreciate a simple date. Anonymous, via WeLovedates.com

24. Zest for life

A woman who is actively involved and participating in life and contributing to the world is very attractive. Elliott Katz, Author

25. Quick wit

I need someone witty who challenges my mind to be funnier. That quick timing is incredibly sexy. Billy Procida, Comedian

26. Sense of humour

Looks fade. A sense of humor doesn’t. Finding a woman with a sense of humor is important to a guy because we screw up (a lot) and a woman with a sense of humor won’t hold our feet to the fire. She can roll with life’s punches. Steve Altes, Humorist & Writer

So there you have it. How many of these qualities do you possess? The more the better according to these 26 men.

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