26 Walmart Products For Anyone Who Takes Pride In Having An Orderly Home

For the folks who aspire to permanently rid their home of clutter, these items are for you.
Food storage containers, a wire wrap stand and under-shelf storage.

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A set of food storage containers to keep your pantry stocked and all your items hyper-visible
Promising review: "I changed out my cereal boxes to these containers. I love the clear look, it's much more organized, and airtight." — Maria
A set of four under-shelf wire baskets for those of us who want storage in our storage
Promising review: "I am seriously impressed with these under-the-shelf wire baskets. They are really well-made. I was worried that when I put them in my pantry and I actually put stuff in the basket, the back of the basket would sag, but they didn't do that at all. Very pleased about that! Also, the black baskets look great on my white shelves." — Leslie
A kitchen wrap stand to make grabbing plastic wrap a breeze
Promising review: "These are great organizers for wraps and Ziploc bags. I purchased two of these for my pantry and pushed them together. Even the trash bags have a home." — Sherry
A stackable cabinet organizer in case your spice collection could use a bit of stadium seating
Promising review: "The shelf was a little tricky to get inside the cabinet, but it works great, better than I had hoped!" — TdC
A three-tier can organizer to spruce up your cabinets
Promising review: "Just as pictured. Great organizer. Easy to put together." — Evita
A six-shelf hanging closet organizer that will support your whole wardrobe
Promising review: "Love this hanging unit! Very sturdy! I bought it to use in a closet to hold board games and puzzles. It's great quality and has been full of games for several months with no issues. It's the perfect size to hold game/puzzle boxes." — Carrie
A set of stackable clothing boxes with secure snap-on lids
Promising review: "I am loving these clear 17-quart plastic storage boxes. I bought this pack of six storage boxes and when they arrived I started reorganizing a closet and immediately ordered more. These are perfect to use on the upper shelves in our closets. They made the areas look so much nicer. I plan to order more to use in my bathroom and hall closets." — Meekelmomma
Or pick up a few of these clear drawer storage bins that let you see everything
Promising review: "I've bought these a number of times and they are the best storage solution for every room in your house. I love the entire collection." — Cori
A carousel closet organizer for someone who's got everything but their shoes and accessories all figured out, we got you!
Promising review: "Space saving multi-storage organizer. Absolute must in closet for storing mini bags, socks, swimwear and of course shoes. The rotating features helps a lot to make sure you can reach out to required item. The fabric is made of canvas. Good storage space and must-have." — Mayuri
A set of foldable drawer dividers to give every item has its own assigned seat
Promising review: "It was exactly what I wanted. Loved it!! Would purchase again and recommend to others." — Martha
A closet system for those who see every closet as a blank canvas
Promising review: "This closet hanging rack/shelves is super easy to install and holds up well. It allows me to use every bit of my 60" closet. I would recommend it." — Ellen
A pack of hanger organizers to make your space really work for you
Promising review: "These are fantastic, so much better than I expected." — Patricia
A rolling pet food bin since the only size in which retailers seem to sell kibble in is XXXL
Promising review: "We like everything about it. From the slick design and the seal to the fact that we don't have to haul a 30-pound bag of doggy food because of the wheels. And the closet doesn't smell like dog food anymore!" — BEATRIZ
A deck box because charcoal, pool toys and folding chairs just don't make sense inside
Promising review: "Easy to assemble. While some portions of the instructions recommended two people, I was able to assemble by myself. The shade of brown matches the backyard tones. There are steel crossbars which give it the sturdiness to have people sit on the box bench. Impressed given size and price." — Jus2EZImages
A pack of wall mounted shower organizers
Promising review: "I have an awkward shower space and height. Fits perfect and have a shelf for everyone in the house." — Ash
A robot vacuum you can set and forget
Promising review: "I love this vacuum! It was easy to set up on Wi-Fi and I have it scheduled to clean everyday at 11:00. My floors really look nice. The dirt collecting bin is easy to empty and holds quite a bit. It is very quiet and runs a long time before it self docks. My dog isn't afraid of it. The price is affordable and well worth the money." — Roma
A wire basket with leather handles to add a bit of chic storage to your home
Promising review: "Loved these baskets, the need, the price, and the look of these wire baskets was a triple hit for me. Recently downsized and am an active sewer and small business owner. I was on the lookout for something to hold my sewing stabilizers! Bingo! Love them! Bought online after seeing them in the store." — dianne
An ottoman with a tray table because... BRILLIANT!
Promising review: "Great product! Perfect size and very sturdy. Love the tray on the lid. Fits a bunch of my baby's toys in one ottoman." — Nira
A set of drawer organizers to take your home office from work-from-home to work-from-heaven
Promising review: "This is an absolutely great organizational tool. I was finally able to make sense out of my junk drawer. The plastic is odor-free, very thick and sturdy." — zywx987
A wireless charging station to tame your bedside table
Promising review: "I love how you can charge your watch, your phone, and your AirPods all at the same time! This charging station is also not really big so it doesn't take up a lot of space on your nightstand." — Kevin
A set of storage boxes you can stack
Promising review: "I liked them a lot, they are very beautiful." — Marlenny
A two-drawer file cabinet if you're a high-paperwork professional
Promising review: "Works perfect for my home office use. Not too large and not too small, was able to put under one section of my desk which is super convenient and saves space." — Carolyn
A whiteboard for those who feel a little guilty looking at a trashcan full of sticky notes
Promising review: "Can't go wrong with this buy; purchased to write my boys' schedules because they are doing distance learning, and they do great with visuals. The markers work great!!!!" — Sofia
A cable sleeve to subdue that endless tangle of wires
Promising review: "Like that they disguise one of my pet peeves. Hate the sight of wires snaked around my baseboards. These covers organize those cables and make them less noticeable." — Dotsicle
A socket shelf for people who have a toothbrush they need to charge
Promising review: "Works great by my chair in living room where I watch TV! Can charge my iPad, and iPhone, and plug in my heating pad, and don't have to unplug anything!" — Daniel
A toy storage cabinet to wrangle kids' rooms
Promising review: "Love this!! I would buy again no doubt. Highly recommend and safe for the little ones as it has very strong anchors included." — Samantha

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