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Fridge odor eliminator and face steamer.

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  • A silicone bacon bin for the best and cutest way to store and dispose of grease.

  • A silicone crab spoon rest that’s both adorable and useful. Place the heat-resistant little crab on a cooking pot while your soup simmers away.

  • A set of four collapsible funnels so you can refill your salt shaker and oil dispenser without making a big ol’ mess.

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A silicone crab spoon rest that's both adorable and useful
Promising review: "I love this little guy! Not only is he useful, but he’s cute as can be! Ordering more for gifts!!" —Joy Reinhard
An eight-piece magnetic measuring spoon set that's super easy to store and doesn't take up half of your junk drawer
Promising review: "I love these. They take up so much less room in my drawer. I always had those cheap plastic ones you buy at Walmart for $1 that are orange or pink — you know which ones I'm talking about. Well, the measurements are written in white, and they rub off eventually. These are so much better; they stick together and have a cute little leveler, too. Highly recommend." —Marie Meow Meow
An adorable mushroom-shaped fridge deodorizer to eliminate any funky odors
Promising review: "Too cute to pass up. Red top comes off; baking soda goes in; place in fridge; walk away; bye bye, odors." —Hkuzara
A rechargeable hand warmer so you can stay warm and toasty no matter how cold it is outside
Promising review: "It lasts about 3–4 hours and gets warm in about 10 seconds!!! Where the heck were these things years ago when I had to stand at the bus stop!?! I charge it at the same time that I charge my phone every night. Wouldn't dare leave the house without it. NO WASTE PRODUCT! I definitely appreciate the wristband it comes with. I sometimes forget it's there and get so scared to open my hand for fear of dropping it, then I remember as it's dangling there. LOL I literally turn it on before I even walk out the door in the a.m., and it's hot before I even get in the car. Love this thing!" —Bonita
A facial steamer for an at-home spa treatment
Promising review: "This steamer is really good, and it’s gonna open your pores for sure. I’m also using a metal tool to take off the blackheads and whiteheads and also a high-frequency wand to complete the treatment. Love it!" —Maria
A set of four collapsible funnels so you can refill your salt shaker and oil dispenser
Promising review: "These are great. I’ve been looking for funnels for the kitchen and the garage and found these — they’re perfect. Easy to use and clean, and best part, they collapse to store!" —P McCormick
A dish soap dispenser and sponge holder that might just make doing the dishes less of a chore
Promising review: "I thought it was a great idea so I bought it, and it works just like it says. Saves me space on my sink because I no longer need my dish soap container, and with one hand I can dispense soap onto the sponge and don't have to stop midway to add more soap — just push the sponge down. Love love love this!!!!" —Christine A. Jackson
A bamboo charcuterie board so you can entertain guests (or yourself) in style
Promising review: "From the packaging to the helpful tip guide this went above and beyond my expectations, and the best part is that I actually bought it for myself! No rough edges and the craftsmanship is top notch. Love love love!" —Carla L. Blackwell
A 10-pack of Swedish dish cloths that are a great alternative to disposable paper towels
Promising review: "Best reusable towels you didn't know you needed in your life! They machine wash and dry out easy enough. I use them all over my kitchen. I've saved who knows how many rolls of paper towels because of them." —Some Dude
An electric crepe maker so that every crepe comes out perfect, every time
Promising review: "Best crepe maker! High-quality materials, and you can the adjust temperature to your liking. We’ve made a lot of crepes; would get another as a gift when the need arises. Easy to clean, use, and adjust temperature controls!" —Karim Henin
A sofa arm drink holder to hold your drink in place
Promising review: "I love this thing and wish I would have purchased it earlier. It sits perfectly on my couch arm. It has an inner piece you can insert depending on the size of your beverage. I love it!!" —Erin
A 10-pack of reusable bags so you can help the planet, one snack at a time
Promising review: "These bags are amazing! I prefer using these over the disposable sandwich and snack bags anytime! They are strong and hold more than you would expect! This is just an amazing product all around." —Honeycutt
A 15-pack of eucalyptus and mint shower steamers for the most relaxing shower ever
Promising review: "I about died when I opened this purchase for the first time! Died and went to HEAVEN with the eucalyptus scent!!!!! I think I’ve found a forever purchase — I don't know how I’ve never found these before! A+" —jennifer
A wooden foot massage roller
Promising review: "AMAZING!!! I developed very bad foot pain. After researching and reading reviews, I figured for $20, why not give it a try! It feels so great and targeted all the pressure points that were killing me. After a few days of using, I literally am pain free!! No gimmick here. It really works. I highly recommend because I hope many find the relief that I now feel. I just ordered another for my dad." —Missy Phillips
A six-piece set of floppy disk coasters for anyone old enough to remember this computer accessory
Promising review: "Bought these for my friend who works in IT; he thought they were great. We use them every weekend when we hang out. They don't slide around the table and don't let the condensation drip on the table. Great product, great gift." —M. Bosco
A non-skid lazy Susan to organize your fridge
Promising review: "I've been trying to solve the puzzle of how to get stuff out of my refrigerator without having to take everything else out. I love this solution! I have two in my refrigerator, and they are space savers! They make getting things out quickly and easily a breeze! Mine has a 1/2-gallon bottle of milk, two 1/2-gallon juice bottles, and two full-size creamers. The other one I use for pickles, relishes, and other miscellaneous condiments. Great value! Highly recommend." —Kindle Customer
A pair of meat shredding claws that have the 5-star seal of approval from more than 20,000 reviewers
Promising review: "These are amazing, I bought another set so I have one at each house because I love these so much for when I make pulled pork. I used to burn my fingers and get so messy getting pulled pork shredded trying to use forks. But not anymore — these are great!!!" —Amanda Braasch
An over-the-door shelf to hold extra baking sheets, cutting boards and pretty much anything else your kitchen has no room for
Promising review: "I bought this to get my cookware cabinets organized; they were a mess. I love this, I feel more organized, and it’s easy to access the cooking sheets and muffin tins I need." —Wendy
A butter spreader that one reviewer called the best thing since sliced bread
Promising review: "Simple little tool but so useful in a winter cold kitchen...for someone who likes real butter on morning toast." —Sharon
A sugar dusting wand so you can make Food Network-worthy baked creations
Promising review: "I love this little sugar wand!! I used it to decorate different treats during the holidays. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, ideal size... I definitely recommend it." —Mackie
A pair of velvet slippers with feather pom-poms that are beautiful and feel like you're walking on memory foam clouds
Promising review: "Beautiful and comfy slippers! They have the right amount of padding in them. Also, I love the rubber grip sole. Perfect to walk on tile or vinyl flooring." —AKA Family
A ravioli-shaped spoon rest that's as practical as it is adorable
Promising review: "I love this spoon rest. I had a more traditional spoon shaped rest that was difficult to clean, and there always was a pool of gunk from who knows where. I was specifically looking for a more flat spoon rest that I could use from any side with any utensil and was easy to clean. This is just right. Most days I can just rinse it off when I clean up from cooking, and the gunk just slides right off." —Leslie Lovelace
A cooling gel eye mask to relieve stress, fight migraines and generally soothe you
Promising review: "This eye mask is so cute and comfy! Rather than the double-sided plastic that’s freezing when it touches your skin, this mask has a really comfy fabric lining on the inside to protect your eyes and skin. There aren’t cutouts for you to see through, but I personally don’t really find those masks all that useful and would rather take 15 minutes to take some time to rest my eyes anyway. It comes with a freezer bag for you to put the mask in whenever you put it in the freezer, to reduce bacteria when you put it on your face. I wasn’t expecting this, and honestly, I will never buy another eye mask that doesn’t include a bag; it’s so simple but thoughtful on their part. 10/10, fantastic product." —Hannah Windsor
A food cutter that's the kitchen gadget you never knew you needed
Promising review: "I used this not long after it came in the mail! It's made well and stays on the countertop while using so it doesn’t slide around. It works perfectly for slicing tomatoes; I can’t wait to use it for other things! It’s definitely worth the buy!" —Kysha Fussilier
A resealable tub of Maldon flaky sea salt to flavor dishes
Promising review: "This salt is so flaky and delicious. We make rosemary salt (this salt, rosemary, sage, garlic, lemon zest) at least once a month and have ran out of this salt and substituted with other salts from kosher to Celtic, etc. and none compare to this salt. We will not run out of this salt ever again if we can help it." —Marissa
A 6-quart Dutch oven so you can cook tasty slow-cooked meals all winter long
Promising review: "Omg, this pot is amazing!!!!!! It cooks evenly and keeps food very hot with that heavy lid that creates a great seal; I have cooked everything I could possibly cook in it, even bread! On the stove top! And it also goes great in the oven, and it actually cleans very easily — nothing ever sticks to it! It works like those expensive name brands that are too expensive to buy. But this brand from Amazon Basics is a steal!!!!! Going back for more pots soon." —Alonzo Ilamas
A silicone bacon bin for the best and cutest way to store and dispose of grease
Promising review: "This grease pig is amazing!!! Our house recently used our last coffee can, and during the switch to something new we had a mini grease disaster. Finally found these cute grease pigs! Perfect size, and removing frozen grease is so, so easy with the silicone. I have given these as gifts to anyone in my family still using a can, and they freaking love this pig too. Worth every penny." —K Miller

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