27 Things To Give A S**t About In 2017

Words. Facts. Joy. Love. (Yes, they all still exist.)
Let's do this, 2017.
Let's do this, 2017.

For the last two years, we’ve put together a list of things to stop giving a s**t about in the new year. These lists are lighthearted and fun, meant to give ourselves and our readers permission to lift some weight off of their shoulders and focus on what truly matters.

But given that 2016 was a year dominated by many Americans seemingly not giving a s**t ― about the political process, about the country, and at times about the basic human rights of our fellow citizens ― reminding ourselves and others to care less about things felt off. In 2016, a lack of f**ks given by some only worked against us as a whole.

So this new year, we resolve to care more. We resolve to embrace action in the face of injustice, joy in the face of oppression, and love in the face of hate. Below are 27 things we’ll be giving a s**t about in 2017. Consider getting on board.

1. Organizing, marching and protesting ― even when it feels exhausting and futile.

2. Women’s bodily autonomy. Women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies. Know that in your bones.

3. Surrounding yourself with the people who know you best and adore you most.

4. Fighting the -isms and -phobias: racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia. We will never truly achieve “a more perfect union” until these forces of division are eradicated.

5. Authentic female friendships. Nurture old ones and create new ones. These connections are what will take you through dark times.

6. Self-care. As Audre Lorde once said, it can be an “act of political warfare.”

7. Reading. And not just in that I-read-the-headline-or-Wikipedia-post-and-skimmed-the-text way.

8. Your health, both physical and mental. Make that dentist/gyno/therapy appointment you’ve been putting off. (And fight like hell for others’ access to quality health care.)

9. Reducing waste. Our planet really, really, really needs us.

10. Small acts of kindness. Smile at that couple on the subway; make small talk with the nice drunk girls in the bar bathroom line.

Damn right they are.
Damn right they are.

11. Constructive disagreement. Let’s start talking ― in a productive way.

12. Eating delicious things. Donuts, fresh produce, pizza, fresh mozzarella, Nutella, extra crispy bacon… the list goes on.

13. Creating space for marginalized voices.

14. Great orgasms... Regardless of whether they come by way of a partner or a seriously excellent vibrator.

15. Learning to channel your frustrations productively. Take an intense spin class or go to yoga or take up painting. Find a way to turn excess unproductive energy into an activity that’s good for the body and soul.

16. Intersectional feminism.

17. Engaging with the political process ― beyond just voting for president. Write letters! Call your representatives! Pay attention to local elections!

18. Sacred spaces. Find yours, whatever “sacred” may mean to you. Everyone needs a sanctuary.

19. Showing the young people in your life that there’s no one way to be feminine or masculine.

20. Expressing your opinion without fear. Own your point of view, and share it.

21. Taking your vacation days. Lord knows we all may need a few breaks over the next year.

22. Education. Comprehensive, accessible, public education.

23. Empathy. A little can go a long way.

24. Facts. They still matter.

25. Words. They do too.

26. Joy.

27. Love. 



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