27-Year-Old American Cheese Found By Reddit User (PHOTO)

Okay. We'd like to make it clear that there is a distinct difference between aged cheese and old cheese. Particularly old American cheese singles that you just left in a box since 1985.

Reddit user pragmatao bravely shared the following with the community: "Looking through some old boxes with my mom, we came across cheese the movers packed 27 years ago."

We'll admit -- this is not what we expected. We expected two perfectly yellow-orange squares of processed cheese, completely untouched by bacteria and age. We suppose that it's comforting that this stuff will actually decompose over time and isn't mostly made of plastic or something.

Now that we've gotten that point out of the way, we just have one question: who were your movers and why did they pack your poor grilled cheese fixings in a box?

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