29 Joy-Filled Photos Of Kids Adopted From Foster Care

Taken on the day they officially joined their forever families.

There are over 100,000 kids in the U.S. foster care system awaiting adoption. That’s why organizations like Together We Rise work to promote foster care adoption and support families in the midst of the process.

“Raising awareness about adoption from foster care is so important because of the many myths the majority of people believe to be true,” Together We Rise executive director, Gianna Dahlia, told The Huffington Post.

“People believe that these may be ‘bad’ kids with many problems or that they can’t afford it,” she added. “The truth is adoption from foster care costs close to nothing, but more importantly, these children are just children who want and deserve loving homes.”

For the past three years, Together We Rise has been celebrating adoption by sharing joyful photos of foster kids on the day they officially became part of their “forever families.” The adoption day photos are some of their most popular Instagram posts.

Dahlia said she believes people love the photos so much because they offer a feeling of hope and accomplishment.

“The road to adoption can be hard, but these families prove that in the end, when a child gets to be a part of a forever family, how special that moment is,” Dahlia said. “Seeing the joy on a child’s face that they get to be loved and supported for the rest of their life is priceless. We can’t really think of a better feeling than knowing you belong and are loved.”

Sharing adoption day photos is just one of many uplifting initiatives for Together We Rise, which aims to improve the lives of foster kids by offering resources like school supplies, bicycles, educational programs and even college scholarships. The nonprofit also educates volunteers about the issues surrounding the foster care system and provides information to foster parents about the adoption process.

“It is important not only to raise awareness for adoption from foster care but that we celebrate the families who are working hard every day to complete their forever families,” said Dahlia, adding that National Adoption Month in November is a great opportunity to do so.

“We need to show these families that their community supports them and that the journey is worth it,” she added. “National Adoption Month is about tackling negative stereotypes and empowering more families in hopes for a better future for children still waiting for their forever family. “

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Yaaaassss!! Congratulations #fosterlove #fostercare #togetherwerise #adoption

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After 907 days of being in foster care, she has been officially Adopted <3 !!! #fostercare #fosterlove #togetherwerise

A photo posted by Together We Rise (@togetherwerise) on

Welcome home Nixon #fostercare #adoption

A photo posted by Together We Rise (@togetherwerise) on

After 482 days in foster care, she has found her forever family. 😍💙🐻🐧 #fosterlove #fostercare

A photo posted by Together We Rise (@togetherwerise) on

Amazing ! 👪 #fostercare

A photo posted by Together We Rise (@togetherwerise) on

This just in!! 4 siblings in foster care adopted together after they were separated. #fostercare 🐻💙😍

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On December 19th, they became brothers Family isn't always blood. #fostercare #togetherwerise #fostertoadopt

A photo posted by Together We Rise (@togetherwerise) on

THIS JUST IN!!! She got adopted this afternoon. Yes !! We also got to take this little princess to Disneyland last year !

A photo posted by Together We Rise (@togetherwerise) on

Oh my cuteness <3 Congrats to this Family on their Adoption from Foster Care. #fostercare #fosterlove #adoption #togetherwerise

A photo posted by Together We Rise (@togetherwerise) on

Wow!! This couple had an amazing and busy year 💙🐻 #fostercare #adoption

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