29 Reasons Why A Whole Squad Is No Match For One True Best Friend


Sure, having a whole gaggle of gal pals is great, but who’s the one you really want to hang with at the end of the day? No, rosé and sweatpants are not the answer. It’s your ride-or-die best friend. The person you can be the realest with. The person who’s there through work crises, relationship woes and Netflix binges — when all your other friends bail.

Here’s why a BFF trumps a whole group any day.

  • 1 At 12:01 a.m. on your birthday, your best friend is the first to text.
  • 2 She knows all the deets on your coworkers even though she’s never met them.
  • 3 She knows your closet too well and will stop you from buying another striped Zara top.
  • 4 Taking a million “candid” pics of you is just a given.
  • 5 When editing your resume, she’ll give you tough love because no, you don’t need five extracurriculars on there.
  • 6 She gives you just enough side eye to remind you your bank account is suffering because of those daily iced coffees.
  • 7 A true BFF knows exactly what you want on your burrito after the bar.
  • 8 Hanging out can mean scrolling through Facebook side-by-side in silence, and it’s totally fine.
  • 9 When a dude mansplains to you that you’re voting for Hillary just because you’re women, you both simultaneously roll your eyes.
  • 10 Crafting a first text to a crush is always a joint effort, duh.
  • 11 Your ride-or-die will always switch shoes with you at the end of the night.
  • 12 When you ask if you should get bangs, she’ll tell you the truth.
  • 13 You can count on her to give you a Leslie Knope-style pep talk before you ask for a raise.
  • 14 Your best friend knows exactly how much you need to eat before taking shots.
  • 15 She’d never text-bail on you at the last minute.
  • 16 Your Meredith to your Christina is the No. 1 emergency contact on your list, duh.
  • 17 She knows what to send you on a Monday morning to get you through the day: cute cat pics.
  • 18 Your bestie will tell you when you need to take a freakin' risk on Tinder and just swipe right.
  • 19 She’d never let you drink alone at boozy brunch.
  • 20 Your BFF will always like your sixth selfie in a row on Insta.
  • 21 She’s the one who has your hypothetical bachelorette party planned.
  • 22 She knows that Logan’s your favorite of Rory’s boyfriends but she won’t hold it against you.
  • 23 If she looks like a glamazon but you have a wonky eye in a pic, your best friend would never post.
  • 24 She’ll call you out for making the same dating mistakes, but she’ll never judge you for it.
  • 25 Your bestie is the one person who knows your baby name and would never steal it.
  • 26 She’ll be the one to leave the club if everyone gets in except you.
  • 27 You two celebrate friendship anniversaries.
  • 28 She’ll rewatch a Game of Thrones episode she’s already seen with you.
  • 29 And she’ll never tell anybody about that embarrassing thing.. that happened there.. that one time.


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