29 Things To Give A S**t About In 2018

Care more, even when it’s overwhelming.
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2017 was a hard year for many Americans ― it was a year full of fury, resistance and exhaustion. It was also a year in which it became obvious how much collective action and empathy matter.

In 2018, we resolve, as we did last year, to care more, even when it’s overwhelming. We resolve to care more about the people around us and the people we’ve never met, to embrace joy in the face of hate and light in the face of darkness.

Below are 29 things, big and small, that we’ll be giving a shit about in 2018. Consider joining us.

1. Difficult conversations. Not only are they essential if we ever want to tackle our nation’s deep polarization, but they can also be beautiful.

2. Showing up ― for friends, family members and, perhaps most important, communities that you’re not a part of.

3. Dreamers. They make America great.

4. So-bad-it’s-good and so-good-it’s-good TV. Indulge your escapist tendencies once in a while, because everyone deserves to turn their brain off sometimes.

5. Seeing the world. Travel abroad if you can, and when you can’t, connect with the rest of the world virtually. America is not, in fact, the center of the universe, and it’s healthy to remind yourself of that.

6. The women in your life who know you so well that you can communicate with one look. (See: “Big Little Lies.”)

7. Books ― the kind that sit with you for weeks after you turn the last page.

8. Doughnuts.

9. Coffee ...

10. ... and wine. Because life is all about balance.

11. Tiny acts of kindness. Give that stranger directions, donate $5 to that canvasser you pass every day, lend that girl in the bathroom line your ponytail holder.

12. The people of Puerto Rico.

13. The Olympics! And the Paralympics! The human body is an amazing thing.

14. Mental health days.

15. Men who step back, listen and follow women in the fight for gender equality. (Note: No gold stars are to be given out for this one.)

16. Gun control legislation, because it’s about fucking time. Or, rather, way past fucking time.

17. Black women. (Here are ways to show you give a shit.)

18. Truly cozy PJs. Everyone should have one pair.

20. The midterm elections. Get educated, get activated and get out the vote.

21. Carly Rae Jepsen’s forthcoming album. (Take your pure delights where you can get them.)

22. Storytellers ― especially those who are not rich, cis, straight, white men.

23. The bodily autonomy of women and gender nonconforming people.

24. The Earth. It’s the only home we’ve got.

25. Believing women. #MeToo. #HerToo. #ThemToo.

26. Democracy.

27. Facts.

28. Rage.

29. Love.

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