2Cellos: “There are no rules at our shows”

2Cellos: “There are no rules at our shows”
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For many the notion of a cello concert evokes an image of a formal, rigid, and perhaps even somewhat boring, evening of classical music. Ever since releasing their cover of Smooth Criminal back in 2011, Croatian duo 2Cellos has worked hard to subvert this image. Having just released their fourth album Score, filled with renditions of their favorite soundtracks, the cellists who are known for their humor continue to make it a point for their audience to have fun at their shows, to feel free, and to allow for spontaneity. “This approach can never be wrong. If a Cello stops working, you just grab the mic and say something funny, a bad thing can make a show better,” Luka Šulić says. “This is a good lesson for life in general, you can always make things better by having a joyful attitude,” Stjepan Hauser, second half of the duo, adds.

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