3,430,000 Positive Affirmations... and Counting


Last September I began doing 10,000 positive affirmations a day and documenting what happened in my day to day life. Originally the experiment was supposed to last 10 days and so many wonderful and interesting things happened that I decided to continue going and rack up as many positive affirmations as possible. My goal for 2016 is to hit 5 million and I am definitely on track.

As I am writing this I am at 3,430,000 positive affirmations and enjoying the process. I keep track on a clicker counter that I like to call a "Modern Mala" and every time I hit 10,000 affirmations, I write it in my day planner. I am on my 4th "Modern Mala" because the clickers tend to give out every million affirmations or so.

When this experiment began my attention was more directed to the outside world and what I was physically manifesting. As time went on, my awareness, energy and attention was pulled deeper and deeper into my internal experience. I am more sensitive to every thought that crosses my mind and much more willing to redirect my thoughts when something does not feel good.

I am more sensitive to the sensations in my body and feel much more uncomfortable at the slightest sensation of fear or insecurity. My moment to moment activities have become extremely focused. Almost everything I do is in alignment with my greater vision for my life and I am enjoying my work more than I ever have, while having very little desire to play, I am finding work more and more fun!

I value my time in a way that I was not aware was possible before this experiment. Each moment matters, each thought matters. Each moment is an opportunity to be present, to invest in my passion, to invest in the people I love and the quality of my life experience.

I am finding myself honoring my truth in a vulnerable way that used to terrify me and leave me riddled with anxiety. Now I feel more safe being me. I embrace where I am and look forward to where I am going. I have manifested my Dream Team -- an incredible group of Mentors and Advisers just in the last week. People who have chosen to believe they can have it all and a team that I have been asking the Universe for, for the last year. I guess I am finally ready.

Love Mala,
"Its Cool To BE Happy"