3 Articles About Books to Read Right Now

This article first appeared in the National Book Review

Miranda Seymour, "Hitler at Home by Despina Stratigakos, Review: 'Splendidly Unexpected.'" (The Daily Telegraph) -- This review of architectural historian Stratigakos's biography of Hitler - which was written with access to the closed archives of Hitler's chief interior designer -- shines a light on the Fuhrer's heretofore relatively obscure domestic side. One of Stratigakos' observations: "Oversized armchairs guaranteed that diplomatic visitors such as Neville Chamberlain were compelled to lounge, perch, or crouch around the dictator's upright seat -- in effect, a throne."

David Ulin, "Author Luc Sante's 'The Other Paris' Wanders the City Streets of Past and Present" -- Ulin explores Sante's newly released exploration of the City of Light. Paris is a conundrum, a city that must be "played like a game," Sante says - and he provides a gritty guide full of "bars and dance halls, bohemia, prostitution and crime."

Alexander Chee, "21 Lies Writers Tell Themselves (And How They Can Stop Lying to Themselves and Become Awesome!) (The Awl) -- A wry take on writerly self-deception, from a well-regarded writer who has more than paid his dues. It's an amusing, and in some cases practical, list, with lies ranging from "All you need to be a writer is talent" to "Underwear is definitely pants."