3 Beauty-Boosting Benefits of Turmeric

3 Beauty-Boosting Benefits of Turmeric
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by the Rodale's content team

We're currently obsessed with turmeric.

This powerful, brightly colored spice, extracted from the roots of plants in the ginger family, has been used for centuries in medicine, dyes, and an incalculable number of tasty meals. And these days, turmeric is really having a moment! That's because various current research studies have revealed the science behind the benefits of ingesting turmeric and its active ingredient, curcumin. Just a few of the health rewards these studies have linked the spice to are that it slows Alzheimer's progress, aids in detoxifying the liver and kidneys, and even boosts metabolism. In short, turmeric is very good for your insides.

What you might not know is that turmeric is also good for your outsides! Which is why the super-spice has been showing up in more and more of our favorite natural beauty products.

So how do you use turmeric for beauty, and what will your skin get from it? Below are just a few of our go-to turmeric-based beauty products and the benefits you can reap by using this spice on your body, instead of just inside it!

1. Glow brighter

Turmeric boasts a number of anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties, making it a great way to add luminosity to your skin. Also, studies have shown that when it's added to moisturizers, turmeric can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Get your glow on by utilizing Cultivar's Organic Turmeric and Hibiscus Skin-Brightening Face Scrub. Blending turmeric with other highly effective botanical ingredients, this scrub helps slough off dead skin cells, reduces inflammation, balances sebum production, and fades scars and dark spots. Use it several times a week, follow with toner, and then enjoy naturally brighter, glowing skin.

2. Detox your face

Mix anti-inflammatory turmeric with other power plants like hibiscus (sometimes called "the Botox plant"), neem, guava, holy basil, and bamboo, and you have a detoxifying powerhouse of a product.

And that's exactly what MAHALO's Pele Detoxifying Volcanic Ash Treatment Mask does. This concentrated, detoxifying, bioactive formula transforms tired skin to unveil a "just-had-a-facial" complexion. Activated by water, the powder transforms into a soft mousse, gently swelling and sizzling as it brings to life the luxurious botanicals.

3. Treat and prevent blemishes

Again, turmeric is naturally anti-inflammatory, which means it can help heal blemishes. It also helps regulate your skin's oil production, which can keep your pores (and skin) clearer.

To reap turmeric's anti-acne benefits, wash your face with Cultivar's Organic Turmeric and Vitamin C Cleanser twice daily. The vitamin works with the spice to brighten skin, fade acne, and prevent future breakouts. Created for use by both men and women, this organic cleaner is the perfect foundation for any natural skincare routine--and an easy solution for frustrating breakouts.

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