3 Benefits Why You Should Use E-Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment processes can be run more efficiently with dedicated online services and software solutions, saving you both time and money. Here's what the most common applications have to offer.

E-recruitment is much more than posting job ads online. It covers the entire hiring process, from drafting the job requirements to closing the deal - and often even beyond. There are big HR software solutions with extensive feature sets that cover every single step of the process - and then there are smaller apps and online services that focus on a certain aspect, e.g. application management. If you should go for a full-fledged solution or just a selection of specialised apps really depends on your individual recruitment needs.

Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that recruitment is much more complicated than you may think it is: It is about finding, employing and retaining the right candidate.

But one step after the other. Generally, there are three main areas where software can help you step up your recruitment game.

1. Efficient candidate sourcing There are several online services that you can use to quickly find candidates who have the skill set you're looking for:

• Reaching your target group: Post your job ads on platforms targeted at specific disciplines (such as JustEngineers) or use online services that allow you to define your target group, like professional networks (e.g. LinkedIn) or professional education platforms (e.g. EdX or bookboon.com). That way you make sure the right people see your vacancy.

• Getting the best: If you're trying to fill a position that you know will be hard to find the right candidate for, like a specialist in a rare discipline or a c-level position, you may want to use online databases that specialise in high-profile jobs (e.g. experteer.com).

2. Lean administration: Say goodbye to that huge pile of application folders - and hello to handling applications electronically, and therefore much faster and more comfortably.

• Selecting candidates: In your job ads, ask candidates to use your online application form to apply: Many software solutions offer forms you can customise to your specific needs. That way, you will receive candidates' information pre-structured which makes it a lot easier to compare competence profiles and select candidates for the interview phase.

• Compiling a candidate pool: More often than not you'll have more than just one promising candidate - or you receive an unsolicited application that looks like a keeper, but don't have anything to offer at that moment. Many e-recruiting solutions let you save those profiles in a talent database so you can get in touch with those people once a matching vacancy comes up.

• Communicating: Many HR tools provide messaging features that let you communicate directly with applicants and also internally with line managers. This is much more efficient than the good old e-mail because now you'll find everything pertaining to a vacancy at a central location: The job description, the applicants, and the entire correspondence.

3. Faster overview and performance control Online and software tools help you monitor your success rates. You can analyse which areas you need to improve in order to get a more efficient recruitment process. Among other aspects, HR tools let you see... • the development of your fluctuation rates, • your average time to hire, generally and for specific positions, • the costs of your various recruitment projects, and • an overview of current vacancies as well as forecasts for future vacancies, e.g. because of growing business areas.

With the right HR tools, you can save time and boost your recruitment success at the same time. But which tools are the right ones for you? Which tools offer the best value for their money? We'd recommend you visit popular HR websites for independent tests and comparisons to learn about the specific strengths of each software or service. Then you can pick the one that is strongest in an area that is particularly important for your company's recruitment process.

Have you used an HR software or online service that has made a big difference for you, that you would strongly recommend? We'd love to hear about it!

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