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3 Boring Makeup Ruts--And How To Get Out of Them

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By Jillian Dempsey, Allure

Photos: Jeffrey Schad and Chris Gentile

Everyone gets in makeup ruts. It's inevitable: You find a look that works on you; you master it; you start doing it...every single day. For years and years. I've seen this happen to women of all ages, even makeup artists. Some ruts are more common than others (hello, pinkish-beige lip gloss!), but every single one of them is worth reevaluating. I'm not saying your lipstick or eye shadow isn't working for you, but what feels like a risk today could be your favorite tomorrow. Of course, trying a new look is scary, but--deep breaths--we'll get through this together. Here are three makeup ruts I can help you get out of.

THE RUT: Wearing the exact same thickening black mascara since you were 17 years old.

THE FIX: Don't freak out, but I suggest giving up mascara altogether. Instead, use a lash curler--it is the single most important tool for any makeup artist in the world. You'll be shocked at how effective it is at making your eyes appear open and wider, even sexier. If you want definition on the lash line, swipe on Chanel Slate Eye Shadow as liner. And bam! Super on fleeeek.

THE RUT: Owning 12 shades of lipstick but wearing only the shiny pinkish-beige one.

THE FIX: On this one I'll let you stay in your comfort zone--sort of. You can stick with the same neutral shade, but look for it in a matte formula. It's chic and flattering and feels more modern than a superglossy version. M.A.C. Lovelorn is one of my favorites and looks beautiful on all skin tones.

THE RUT: If it's Friday night, it's black eyeliner time.

THE FIX: Aubergine, teal, sapphire...hey, come on! There's a world of color out there, and it's a million times more exciting than the black smoky effect you've been doing since college. (Personally, I love Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eyeliner in 12L, an awesome greenish blue.) I bet you'll think your eye color is way more vibrant once you mix a cool jewel tone into your repertoire.

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