3 Building Blocks of a Budget-Friendly, Customer-Centric Digital Marketing Campaign

In a digital marketing world dominated and driven by data, appealing to customers is essential for catching their attention and standing out above the noise. But that's easier said than done. How can modern digital marketers build a campaign that speaks directly to consumers?

Econsultancy and Teradata teamed up to survey more than 400 senior marketers across multiple industries and global enterprises. The tallied results can help organizations of all sizes understand how high-level marketers at large enterprises are reaching their target audiences through successful marketing campaigns. The following three building blocks, inspired by techniques practiced by the surveyed global enterprises, can help you create budget-friendly marketing campaigns that connect with customers.

1. Use a highly personalized approach. Thirty-two percent of the enterprise organizations surveyed cited personalization as a "top priority" when it comes to marketing efforts. Another 5% even said personalization was the "highest priority" for their marketing organization.

Why is personalizing your marketing so crucial? Simply put, you have to know your customers. You have to know where your customers spend time online, how they behave and what they're interested in. The better you know your customers, the more personalized your approach can be when marketing to them.

According to the organizations surveyed, 47% reported improved customer service as a top benefit of personalized marketing, with improved performance and new revenue following close behind at 37% and 36%, respectively. The effects of a more personalized approach to marketing will not only have a greater appeal to your audience, but also give your business a path towards building a community of brand enthusiasts.

2. Use integrated marketing technology to get the most out of your consumer data. Keeping up with the latest marketing technology isn't easy, but taking a look at the tools that leading global enterprises are using can be a helpful way to stay in the loop. Data management platforms are the absolute top priority in marketing technology for 29% of the organizations surveyed, whereas 43% identify these platforms as a high priority. Just behind them, 23% consider audience management systems to be the top priority and 50% see them as a general high priority.

What do these numbers mean? That using technology to improve customer service is essential. Leveraging consumer data and using it to learn how to better craft your message to connect with customers is crucial for being a better marketer. If you don't already make use of a data management and/or integrated marketing application system, now is certainly the time.

Additionally, 62% of leading organizations admit that when they spend money on new technology, it's to improve customer experience, service and satisfaction. Fifty-nine percent spend money on new technology to improve customer retention and another 55% to deliver a better customer experience. If leading organizations care this much about pleasing their customers, then you should too.

3. Create a data-driven budget. How are leading organizations allocating marketing budget? When it comes to making budgeting decisions and choosing how and where to spend marketing dollars, many organizations are caught up in a battle of data versus instinct.

Although it makes sense to follow the numbers, analyze the data and then budget accordingly, many organizations find themselves sticking with same budget year after year, despite changing market conditions, customer behavior, competitors and market trends. Only 23% of organizations make budgeting decisions based on data, while 26% rely on experience and instinct to inform their marketing spend. Relying on instinct and past experience seems like the safest choice, yet allocating spend based on data offers a better representation of what's to come in the market, so you'll always be ready to put marketing dollars into top-performing channels and initiatives.

With these building blocks, you can craft more successful, budget-friendly marketing campaigns that truly resonate with your target audience. Learn more about what Teradata and Econsultancy found when they surveyed senior marketers. Download the full eBook here.