3 Clues That You Need to Regroup

Are you ignoring the clues telling you it is time to regroup or are you open, aware and making the changes you need to make to say yes to living a resilient, in the now, awakened life?
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There are moments when I least expect resiliency to pop up and remind me that I need to regroup. Sometimes those moments show up at the beach, on the sand, in the form of a bee.

Clue #1: Indecisiveness

The other day I was seriously pondering how to spend my day. I am usually not so indecisive but for whatever reason, I was torn between a relaxing day at the beach or a mountain hike. Two cups of coffee and two hours later, the beach was finally my choice.

Clue #2: Anxiety Provoking Self-Importance

I arrived to discover a parking situation that was pretty bleak. Optimistically, I drove slowly and spotted an older couple just loading their things into the back of their truck. I stopped and put on my blinker and know for sure they saw me waiting there. Twenty minutes and several heavy sighs later, they finally made their way to their next destination as I pulled in anxious to get to the sand. Did I drive to another spot or think about what their routine may be after a kayaking session? Nope. I was too wrapped up in thinking about me and how I was so ready to relax, breath and listen to the waves crash against the shore.

My beach towel floated to the sand, I kicked off my flip flops and removed my pink cover-up and rolled it up to act as a makeshift pillow for my head as I laid back to enjoy the rest of my day. Ten seconds passed and I suddenly felt a sting next to my armpit. I went to feel the area with my eyes closed thinking maybe an ant... and felt a bee! With a swipe of my hand the bee was off my skin and I could see the fat stinger protruding from an area that was already turning red. I pulled the stinger out and thought "Great! I should have gone to the mountains." Who gets a bee sting at the beach anyway? Jellyfish, yes. Bee? Never, up until now.

Clue #3: Throwing in the Towel

I stood up and got ready to leave. I bent down and began to pick up my towel when a thought came over me. Why was I allowing a couple with a slower routine than what my expectation was and being in a hurry to park or a tiny bee sting take away all of my joy? I was literally getting ready to throw in the towel on my beach outing and it had barely just begun. I looked around, sat back down and took 10 deep breaths. In that moment, I thought there is no better remedy for a bee sting and frustration than to go jump in the ocean.

As I stood in the water, the rhythm of the ocean took over. Being pulled as the current moved out, being pushed back towards the shore as the waves came in and tasting the salt on my lips as my face became drenched by the sun. There was no longer any impatience or self importance or indecisiveness and certainly no throwing in the towel at the first sign of a hiccup in my plan. There was only the energy of the universe dancing all around me and within me.

I had let the stress of my life get in the way of living in the moment and allowed my mind to be consumed with indecisiveness. I didn't even think to appreciate the couple who so carefully and gently placed everything in their truck. I judged them instead of learning from them and almost left the beach totally pissed off at a bee. There they were... three sure clues that I needed to stop and regroup, be resilient, and that is exactly what I did.

Are you ignoring the clues telling you it is time to regroup or are you open, aware and making the changes you need to make to say yes to living a resilient, in the now, awakened life?

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