This 3D Dress Links To Your Phone To Literally Strip You Of All Privacy

Maybe you've seen the exact right Google pop-up ad on your screen and felt a little naked. They know so much about you! Well, now there's a dress for that feeling.

A "personalized wearable data-driven sculpture" by Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira, "x.pose" links to a wearer's smartphone to determine how much metadata is being collected at any given point. The 3D printed dress then, ahem, adjusts accordingly.

Google's grasp on its users' past, present, and likely future locations/tastes/desires means the search engine "can most definitely paint a clear portrait" of any of its users, as Chen writes on her Behance page. But "x.pose goes a step further to broadcast the wearer's data for anyone and everyone to see."

It works by way of a customized app, and "a layer of reactive displays," she continues:

These displays are divided up into patches that represent neighborhoods and change in opacity depending on the wearer's current location. If she is in the NYU neighborhood, that area will be the most active, pulsing, revealing her current location, revealing the fact that her data is being collected and at the same time exposing her skin. As her data emissions are collected, the more transparent and exposed she will become.

We're guessing Eric Schmidt would prefer not to wear this dress.



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