3 Easy Cleaning Tasks That Will Make You Feel Better Immediately

3 Easy Cleaning Tasks That Will Make You Feel Better Immediately
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You barely have time to sleep, let alone give your entire house a full-on deep clean. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mess and clutter, here are three super-simple chores that will make you feel back on top in ten minutes or less.

Clean your microwave. Sure, you could waste good energy trying to scrub out the crusted splatter from God knows what meal―or you could do it the easy way. All you need is some vinegar, a bowl and something to busy yourself with while the microwave cleans itself for five to ten minutes (here’s how). Oh woah, you forgot the inside was white.

Toss some Tupperware. If matching lids to containers has become the bane of your existence then yep, it’s time to face the monster that’s taken over your kitchen: Let’s play Toss That Tupperware! Keep the stuff that’s in good shape and recycle or chuck anything that’s had its fair share of use. And don’t you dare even think about keeping a container without a lid.

Dust your blinds. They’re so tedious to clean that you’ve just avoided it entirely. But what if we told you there was a super-easy trick? All you need are some tongs, a kitchen towel and about five minutes. Feels better, doesn’t it?


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