3 Easy Steps to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

One of the hardest things to do in life is to go for it.
It's to have an idea and immediately take the first step to making it happen.

Most of us never do that.

Here's what usually happens:
  1. We have an idea.
  2. We tell someone about that idea.
  3. We get excited for all of 10 minutes.
  4. Life happens and the idea slowly fades into the back of our minds.

Sound familiar?

The truth is that the difference between someone who has attained their own personal level of success, and someone who isn't even close, is that ability to just go for it.

To take something from an idea and turn it into reality.

Sure it doesn't always lead to success but the chances of finding success are far better than if you just sat there doing nothing.

And this applies everywhere...

Success in every aspect of our lives can be boiled down to this one thing.

If we want to save more money we just have to stop spending so much.
If we want to lose weight we just have to eat better.
If we want a stronger relationship we just have to listen and care more.
If we want more money we just have to find a way to earn it.

Anything we want in our lives just requires us to go out and get it.

That's not always easy, but it's possible.

So then how do we do that?
How do we actually take action?

Here are the three things that have worked well for me throughout my life:

1. Do One Tiny Thing.

Often the biggest reason we don't go for our ideas is because they seem so huge.

How are you ever possibly going to start a business?

...one step at a time.

For some strange reason we humans have this ability to make things far more complicated than they actually are.

When we do that, we tend to boil it all down to the few parts that seem "hard".

Then we disqualify the possibility entirely just because we can't figure out the solution to that hard thing.

But guess what...

That hard bit that you're so worried about?

It's probably months or years away.

You don't need to worry about how you're going to hire people right now.
You don't need to worry about whether or not you'll have to kill off a character in your novel right now.
You don't need to worry about whether or not you're able to do a push up right now.

Those concerns are so far away...all you should be focused on is how you're going to start this thing.

How you're going to start working out or writing your book or whatever it is you are trying to do.

Focus on that first tiny step and get the journey started...the hard stuff will make more sense when you get there because you'll be learning a lot along the way.

2. Learn, Learn, Learn.

If you thought learning stopped when you graduated from college then you're missing the point of this life thing. Life is about learning. Your career is about learning. Your finances, your relationships, your health...it's all about consuming information and making decisions based on that information.

The same applies here.

If you have a crazy idea...and you don't know how to do it...go learn how to do it.

Simple right?

If you want to build a website...go learn how to build one, or go learn how to hire someone to build one.

If you want to write a book, start writing...and then learn how to write better.

If you want to lose weight...learn how to eat better, or learn how to exercise...or learn both.

If you do it right, you should never stop learning.

This should help you feel a little bit better about whatever big thing it is you are trying to do.

There's nothing to be scared of because anything you don't know how to do can be learned.

Any challenge you'll face on your journey will have a solution that you can either learn, or develop yourself based on all the other things you've learned.

So chill out..your brain is so much more powerful than you give it credit for and you're capable of learning anything you may need to make this happen.

Which brings me to the 3rd point.

3. Just Go For It!

This is basically the point of this entire article. Just go for it.

Start small. Pick the tiniest thing you can do to start the process.
Spend your time learning how to handle the bigger, scarier things.
And then use all of that to make decisions day to day.

Want to write a novel?

Maybe the small step you can take is to write your overview.

Then from there you can learn how to approach writing a book.

Then you start writing and applying everything you've learned.

I can't promise you a best seller, but you'll definitely get a book written if you stick with it.

Want to lose weight?

Maybe the small step you can take is to skip the donuts or dessert today.
Then from there you can start learning about macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, caloric intake, proper exercise, different kinds of eating systems.

Then you apply everything you learned to your own life and boom, you start losing weight.

I can't promise you'll have a six pack...but you'll definitely go down a size or two.

The point is pretty simple...

If you want something, just go for it.

You have the ability to do anything and everything you need to do or solve any problem you may come across, so what is there to be afraid of?

Pick a small step that you can act on immediately...like right after you finish reading this post.

Then start learning everything you can about whatever it is.

Then apply it all and keep moving forward.

If you can do that then you'll officially be able to create anything you want in your life given enough time, enough luck, and enough effort.


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