3 Easy Ways To Make Getting Dressed In The Morning A Breeze

“What should I wear today?” It is an age-old question, but often times you can riffle through your closet, trying on a number of different outfits, without ever finding the answer. While getting dressed is a ritual we do everyday, somehow it doesn’t seem to get any easier.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence is helping take the stress out of getting dressed. New tech devices can help you be your best dressed self, whether that’s picking an outfit for a special occasion or refreshing your favorite pieces. We teamed up with LG to show you a few new ways AI-powered devices can revamp your morning routine and make getting dressed a breeze.

Wash Your Clothes With A Voice Command

Do you ever decide what you want to wear only to find out it’s in the dirty laundry? AI-powered washers are making it so you can wash your clothes before you even get out of bed. Today, wi-fi enabled washers can be synced to your smartphones and controlled remotely for when you happen to be out and about. They can also provide text notifications when your clothes are finished and recommend cycles for specific purposes such as removing grass stains.

If you find you are running low on detergent, you can quickly snap a photo of the empty bottle with an LG smartphone with AI capabilities, which will enable a visual search of the product, so you can order it instantly on Amazon and have it delivered right to your home.

Freshen Up Your Favorite Pieces

Even if you dirtied your favorite leather coat last night, you won’t have to take it out of your wardrobe rotation. You can freshen it up and wear it again without having to make a trip to the cleaners. For special pieces like knits and delicates, AI-powered steamers like the LG Styler ThinQ, can quickly refresh them.

This new steam technology can revive your beloved wardrobe staples before you step out the door. Wi-fi enabled steamers can gently remove odors like smoke and sweat and reduce wrinkles. SmartThinQ technology also allows users to use their smartphones to keep track of all the steamy action. Through this AI-powered tech you can to turn the steamer on and off and start cycles like special care and gentle dry.

Ask A Virtual Stylist For Advice

Earlier this year, Amazon introduced the Echo Look, a hands-free camera that can act as a personal style assistant. The Look has a style-check feature, which can take photos of two of your different outfits and compare them to help you decide which one looks better. Through the photos, the Look will give a second opinion. It will evaluate fit, color, styling and current trends and offer feedback like “shoe choice works better” or “better combination of pieces.” The Look works by running the pictures of your outfits through machine-learning algorithms and consulting a team of “fashion specialists.”

You can even ask Amazon for outfit recommendations. If you’re looking for a top to go with your new polka dot pants, this feature can find clothing options to match with your personal pieces, and direct you to Amazon where you can purchase them.

From LG:

LG is leading the way with LG ThinQ, a global artificial intelligence brand for the company’s products and services incorporating advanced proprietary AI technologies that can make getting dressed a breeze. LG ThinQ branded products and services can share and study information between themselves to execute things and to provide answers you need right at the moment so you can spend your time doing the things that matter most.

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