3 Hacks For Stress Relief In The Workplace: Mindful Mojo For Peak Performance

3 Hacks For Stress Relief In The Workplace: Mindful Mojo For Peak Performance
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We had the pleasure of working with Intercontinental Hotels Group on this very topic last week. What is Mindful Mojo and how can it help your employees? Mindful Mojo is a derivative of Mindfulness. Think of it as a blend of stillness and dynamic energy. It defuses stress and helps people enjoy peak performance. Everyone has a peak performer within but stress can easily block that aspect from expressing itself. Did you know that stress is costing American businesses $330 billion annually? In fact, it’s become so serious that one out of twelve employees has actually considered suicide. And it doesn’t have to be that way! Mindful Mojo can help. It has helped us thrive personally and professionally, and we’ve gone on to dedicate our life’s work to helping others defuse stress and live more mindfully.

Below are some basic strategies that are easy to apply but deliver profound results. These are a springboard to guide you in the direction of stress relief. There are many more Mindful Mojo principles and practices, but these serve as your basic touchstone to return to throughout your day.

1 – Breathe. It sounds simple but most people forget to breathe when they are focused or stressed. This creates a cascade of stress responses. Breathing deeply into the belly through the nose engages the parasympathetic nervous system, creating an immediate relaxation response. A little goes a long way!

2 – Relax the Body. Many of you are walking around with your shoulders up to your ears and you don’t even realize it because you are so used to it! You actually create a body memory of stress that you unconsciously return to again and again. Scan your body from head to toe and consciously relax each part. This can take 1 minute throughout the day or you may choose to enjoy a longer session of 30 minutes. Mindful yoga is also a very effective practice to relax the body. Just a few poses can be helpful to open up and relax. When you are relaxed in the body, you connect with the Peak Performer within!

3 – Take a Technology Break – For many, this is one of the most difficult. We all love our technology but the truth is our biology has not caught up to the technology. We are overstimulated and overextended. We are bombarded by incoming information. Many people are checking their phones before they even get out of bed! We challenge the executives we coach to wait at least 5-10 minutes before checking any screens in the morning. We also encourage them to step away throughout the day to refresh and restore. If you will take a few minutes of quiet meditation during your day, this re-engages the part of your brain connected with creativity and innovation.

Although stress is a natural part of life, allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by it takes you off your A-game. Don’t let stress sabotage your success! You can be operating at a higher level personally and professionally if you will learn to successfully navigate stress. At work, this leads to better work performance, better team dynamics, improved leadership, more closed sales, better customer service, more effective communication, more energy, better ability to focus, and improved productivity. There are numerous positive results for your home life as well. Mindful Mojo connects you to your highest and best self. Invest in yourself – the return on investment is immense!

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